Perspective is a way of Life

Enlighten your imagination with photos that tell stories behind it. Imagine more than what you see, absorb more than you can feel. Here we portray a series of photographs, from the perspective of the author, captured eternally through his lens, as he walked past the old towns of Sweden, venturing the viking territory in Denmark and scintillating churches of Belgium.

People have different perspective about everything in life, everyday. Perspective is how one can see a particular thing, from different angles. View point differs individually as whatever is seen by one, can be seen in a very different light by another. Different views make our life as interesting as it could be by weaving a world of imagination around us.

Every photograph has been chosen to perceive and depict some meaning of life….more than one perspective is imagined and displayed in each frame of pictures. Like all artistic impressions, an artist’s inner self is best displayed when seen by others in a conducive form.

Hope you would enjoy the various perspectives of the three cities of Europe as much as we enjoyed compiling them.


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