Japan is located in the Pacific Ocean and an island in East Asia and is often called the Land of the Rising Sun. It is an archipelago of 6,852 islands, housing 126 million people, making it world’s tenth largest in population. The people in this country is enjoying the highest life expectancy of any country of the world and the infant mortality rate being the third lowest globally. About 73 percent of Japan is forested, mountainous, and unsuitable for agricultural or residential use, that is why the coastal areas are extremely populated and keeps no doubt that why japan is considered as one of the most densely populated countries in the world. The average winter temperature in Japan is 5.1 °C (41.2 °F) and the average summer temperature is 25.2 °C (77.4 °F).

Like Thailand, Japan is also predominately a buddhist country with 84-95% of population subscribe to Buddhism but strangely, research shows that 70-80% of the people in Japan really do not caste them to any particular religion.

Japanese culture has evolved greatly from its origins. Contemporary culture combines influences from Asia, Europe and North America. Traditional Japanese arts include crafts like ceramics, textile, lacquerware, swords and dolls.

As a tourist, one has many options to visit – Japan boasts of 16 World Heritage sites, including Himeji Castle and Historic Monuments of Ancient Kyoto. Kyoto receives over 30 million tourists annually. So whether you are fond of mingling with the bustling crown in Tokyo, gape in wonder at Mt Fuji on a clear day, feel overjoyed by riding the shinkansen or practice your skiing skills in Niseko – it is all available for you to perch on to an unforgettable vacation.

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