6 Great Reasons to Visit Kanchanaburi


Traveling is the most beautiful experience and for most people it is a sort of adventure. So whenever you are planning to visit this place, try to experience these things.

1. Instead of going for bus, it is advisable for the travelers to opt for the train and take a ride to infamous “Death Railway” from Bangkok to Kanchanaburi in order to have an experience of lifetime.

2. Make sure to visit the bridge over river Kwai which is known among the people for its historical landmark. If you are planning to stay there, a lot of guest houses are situated near by the bridge. Spend some time, capture some nice moments and you can even gather historical information about that place.

3. Kanchanaburi is the best place where the visitors can rent a motor bike for a lovely ride around that place. This would give the tourist exclusive experience to explore the nature and the picturesque surroundings. Since pollution is less and so are traffic jams, the visitors get a wonderful chance to ride the bike and enjoy the fresh and soothing air. One can explore waterfalls, mountains, temples and a lot more things. The natural beauty of the place will make one speechless.


4. Here the visitors would get a lot of floating restaurants where they can dine with their partners in a cozy environment and enjoy the nature. That sounds pretty romantic. So come and explore this place.

5 For swimmers it can be the best place where they get to explore the innate beauty of the nature and at the same time can take a dip into this fresh and clean water. Erawan National Park is famous for its major attraction which is the Erawan waterfalls. The crystal clear water gives the tourist a chance to swim and enjoy the nature. So once you plan, do not forget to pack your swim suit and some good shoes, since the rocks are a bit slippery and taking precaution is a better way of staying safe.

6. One more major attraction is the famous Tiger Temple. We always get to see this wildlife creature in zoo behind the cage bars. But here they move around freely and peacefully. Visitor get chance to interact with these tigers and even can get clicked posing along with tigers. It is a life time experience for the tourist. So pack your bags and make a visit to this place to explore nature, wildlife, food, forest, historical places and a lot more things. So pack your bags for the fun and adventure.

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