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Travel through your natural senses – Travel through the 5 Elements of Nature – Earth, Fire, Water, Metal and Wood. Explore the immense and unhindered travel imaginations through Travel Motivations.

At Travel Motivations, we present travel services and destinations in a way that is unique, unrivaled, and self satisfying.

With it’s headquarters in Bangkok, Thailand, Travel Motivations, is a boutique Destination Management Company, being authorized representative of Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) and Pacific Asia Travel Association (PATA) , provide exquisite Travel Solutions serving both the domestic and international sectors.

Pool of professionals, with decades of domain experience in the travel and tourism industry, is available to showcase their unique set of experience providing value to the traveler’s overall experience for any country. Travel Motivations culminates a fresh and innovative approach to the traveling world through it’s highly acclaimed personalized service that can only be experienced to be believed.

Exceeding the expectations of every client by offering an outstanding experience is our aim. Most of our customers are repetitive and contacts us through their word of mouth. Download Travel Motivations Brochure here


Travel Motivations have a unique concept of classifying each destination under each element of nature. At Travel Motivations, we need you to experience the 5 Elements of Nature and feel charmed by their presence when you travel the world with us.

EARTH – The Earth is the realm of wisdom, knowledge, strength, growth and prosperity. Tread the most visited Tropical places, Valleys, Caves, Gardens, Parks and Cities to feel your natural senses.

WATER-Water is a necessity for life and is a cleansing, healing, psychic and loving element. Rejuvenate your mind and soul by traveling through Lakes, Springs, Streams, Fountains, Rivers, Beaches and Oceans.

METAL-Metal is the manifestation of unyieldingness, rigidity, persistence, strength and determinations. Traverse the Mountains, Hills, Wind-Swept Plains, Cloudy and Misty Places

WOOD-Wood heads the beginning of life, a natural demand to grow and expand horizons. Meander through the Forests, Jungles, Bush walks and Groves or opt for an adventure safari.

FIRE-Fire is that element of nature which fuels our passion and show us brighter way of life when in dark. Take a journey through the Deserts, Hot Springs, Volcanoes, and Canyons of the world.

Share your dreams to us and be rest assured that we will come up with the right travel solution to your quest for a dream destination. We organize customized destination packages, for groups & individuals, incentive & educational, business and corporate professionals, preparing exotic destination specific itineraries, covering all locations of Thailand – Bangkok, Phuket, Koh Samui, Chiang Mai, Hua hin, Koh Chang and many more or International Destinations including wonders like Paris, Japan, London, Singapore, Las Vegas, Grand Canyon, Angkor Wat, Great Barrier Reef, Taj Mahal etc.

THAILAND PACKAGES : Our core expertise is to explore our client’s special interests and educate them to unleash their dreams through proper destination management. We motivate our guests to travel and experience their senses through the elements of nature and offer theme based Thailand packages like Golf, Wellness, Spa, Diving, Wedding, Honeymoon, Pilgrimage, Movie and Medical Tourism.
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CORPORATE ESCAPES : A team of dedicated counsellors and coordinators take care of all the needs of a corporate’s strategic approach to their travel policy, by negotiating with all suppliers, day-today update, amendments, cancellation of travel program, traveller safety & security and corporate credit-card management. We advise and implement strategies by managing your travel data to arrive at the right balance of budget and policy. Expert arrangements can be organized for Seminars, Conferences, Conventions, Trade Fair and any other special interest activities.

As an event management company in Thailand, we take up complete concept to execution of events for our clients. Read more.

ACCOMMODATION MANAGEMENT : – From normal to luxury accommodations, we help you choose and book for the right selection. All categories of accommodations are available depending on the destination and budget like economy hotels, tents, camping sites, cottages, home stays, cosy resorts, five star deluxe hotels, luxury villas are just to name a few.

TRANSPORTATION MANAGEMENT: The best of transport options are available with us to provide you the real value for money. Be it luxury coaches, limousines or normal cars, we provide all. The private fleet of cars include all leading brand of cars, van and luxury coaches.

TRAVEL ASSISTANCE: We fulfil your sightseeing desires through well-defined itineraries and all sort of logistic arrangements with International language speaking guides, including accommodations, transports, air tickets, Visa ad Immigration services.

Travel Motivations, is one of the few exclusive authorized representative of Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) with license number 11/07855 and Pacific Asia Travel Association (PATA) with license number 8158

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