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Don’t fall into the trap of packing everything but the kitchen sink. Remember, anything you pack you will have to carry around with you throughout your journey and all those creature comforts such as a hairdryer and bulky headphones that you feel like you simply can’t do without will only drag you down when you hit the road. Fortunately, most things that you need can be bought in Bangkok, and some things are much cheaper than at home, especially if you purchase them from local markets. There are, however, a few things that you should take with you.

Essential Items
It is a good idea to invest in a Smartphone, as this handy device serves as a camera, a day planner, a music player and, of course, a communication device. A wide range of free travel apps can be downloaded onto your Smartphone such as maps, Bangkok guides and apps that will allow you to contact friends and family back home for free.

A travel towel is a handy item that can serve a number of different purposes. This item folds up extremely small and can act as a blanket, a pillow and even a makeshift sarong as well as, of course, drying your body after showering.

Although shoes can easily be bought in Bangkok, many Westerners have trouble finding footwear in their size. Investing in a pair of good quality shoes and sandals before you go can save you a lot of time and trouble and provide extra comfort when taking Bangkok day tours.

Tips for Packing Light
Toiletries such as soap, shampoo, conditioner and shower gel can be bought at local convenience stores such as 7-11 and Family Mart as well as Boots and a large number of other shops. Buy small bottles of toiletries to last the first few days and replace them when needed. Mosquito repellent, and sunscreen are also sold at these shops, so save yourself space in your bag by buying them when you arrive. Most second hand bookshops in Bangkok will purchase your books from you or offer exchanges. If you love to read, simply take one or two books with you and pick up more on your travels. Shopping for clothes can be a lot of fun, so only take a few changes of clothing with you and pick up more from local markets.

Plan Before you Go
Arranging online banking at home is a great idea, because it will allow you to keep track of your funds and your spending when you are on holiday in Thailand. Although most ATMs in Bangkok accept Western cards, they won’t show you how much money you actually have in your account. People who have an online bank account simply need to log in to see an overview of their funds, which gives you peace of mind while enjoying tourism in Thailand.

Keep electric copies of important documents such as your passport, driving license, flight tickets and visa number in an online account. This will make it much easier to order replacement documents if you happen to lose or damage the originals. If there is any medication that you regularly take, bring a copy of the prescription with you. Most pharmacies in Bangkok supply over the counter medication, including antibiotics and even insulin.

It is also a good idea to arrange travel insurance before you go so that you will be able to claim money back if your possessions are lost or stolen. There are numerous travel insurance policies to choose from and the things that they cover as well as the amount and duration vary widely. Shop around for the right travel insurance policy carefully and make sure that you read the small print to make sure that you get the policy that suits your needs.

No matter how carefully you pack, you are sure to end up with lots of things that you simply don’t need. Rather than carrying these items around with you, you can leave excess baggage in guesthouse storage for a few Baht, sell on these items at stalls in backpacker areas such as Khaosan Road or simply give them away to fellow travellers.

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