The Giant Causeway – Why Should you visit there ?

The Giant Causeway - Why should you visit there 
Nature is the most beautiful part and can show many wonders that human creativity cannot compete. Giant causeway is one of the ancient natural compositions in Ireland. This is the series of fantastical basalt columns created by the ancient volcanic eruption. It is the major heritage attraction of the Ireland where as there are a lot of other places to visit near it. There are a lot of reasons which make it a very important tourism spot and a big crowd visits this place each year. On several places it is
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Experiencing Montreux

The moderate climate makes Montreux, one of the most frequented resort on Lake Geneva and earns its name as Vaud Riviera for it’s lakeshore. Enhanced by the astounding background of the Alps, the town of 20,000 inhabitants has mesmerized many people in the past and I was entranced with it’s charm the moment I landed there. Many Edwardian hotels are present here with an air of sophistication and romance, that are reminiscent of the French Riviera. The town has long been popular with celebrity musicians and writers including Tchaikovski, Stravinski, Byron, Tolstoy, Dostoyevsky and more. At the lakeside, not only did
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Strolling the paths of St Moritz and exploring the city in it’s best form, I was delightfully confronted by a greenish, blue lake..... frozen. It was minus 7 Degrees centigrade, chilly winds piercing my face. I was all alone standing in front of the lake ....mesmerized by this alluring beauty of half frozen lake....a sight totally unexpected, exceeding all my prior expectations. Experiencing total solitude in front of the lake, it felt as if I am standing in front of a wonderful canvas, painted by the hands of God. Exploring the dreamy, misty surroundings of the entire upper Engadin region based out
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