6 Great Reasons to Visit Kanchanaburi

Traveling is the most beautiful experience and for most people it is a sort of adventure. So whenever you are planning to visit this place, try to experience these things. 1. Instead of going for bus, it is advisable for the travelers to opt for the train and take a ride to infamous "Death Railway" from Bangkok to Kanchanaburi in order to have an experience of lifetime. 2. Make sure to visit the bridge over river Kwai which is known among the people for its historical landmark. If you are planning to stay there, a lot of guest houses are situated near
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The Giant Causeway – Why Should you visit there ?

The Giant Causeway - Why should you visit there 
Nature is the most beautiful part and can show many wonders that human creativity cannot compete. Giant causeway is one of the ancient natural compositions in Ireland. This is the series of fantastical basalt columns created by the ancient volcanic eruption. It is the major heritage attraction of the Ireland where as there are a lot of other places to visit near it. There are a lot of reasons which make it a very important tourism spot and a big crowd visits this place each year. On several places it is
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