Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai is an amazing place to visit in Thailand. Chiang Mai is a very laid-back place and it is filled with natural sceneries, sights, temples and activities to do. In Chiang Mai you wouldn’t be bored easily. Moving on to the history of Chiang Mai, the Lanna kings who ruled the north from ancient Chiang Mai built a moated quarter filled with a multitude of temples. These temples are enhanced with mirrored mosaics and tinkling bells. Chiang Mai has historic temples that are beautifully adorned.

Major Attractions

Wat Chedi Luang – Wat Chedi Luang was one of the tallest structures in ancient Chiang Mai. Stories state that the chedi was damaged by either a 16th-century earthquake or by the cannon fire of King Taksin in 1775 during the recapture of Chiang Mai from the Burmese. A restoration was financed by UNESCO and the Japanese government in the 1990s. The restoration work is easily spotted : new Buddha images in three of the four directional bays. On the southern side of the monument, five elephant sculptures in the pediment can be seen. Wat Chedi Luang is a beautifully adorned temple with appealing monuments and an amazing history.

Wat Phra Singh – Wat Phra Singh is Chiang Mai’s most honored temple. Phra Singh is the temple’s famous image. Even if it is very famous, very little is known about the Phra Singh. It is considered one of the most beautiful examples of Lanna religious art. There are 2 nearly identical images in Nakhon Si Thammarat and Bangkok, no one know if this is the real one, nor can anyone document its place of origin. This Phra Singh image came to reside here around the 1360s, and is now a fixture in the religious ceremonies of the Songkran festival. Other features include the temple’s main chedi, which is a classic Lanna-style octagonal base. It was built by King P Yo in 134 in honor of his father.

Wat Phra That Doi Suthep – Doi Suthep is the most sacred temple in Chiang Mai. This temple was established in 1383 under King Keu Naone. A visiting Sukhothai monk instructed the Lanna king to establish a temple with the twin of a miraculous Buddha relic. The relic was mounted on a white elephant, which wandered the mountain until ut dued at this spot. The 1st floor terrace documents this history of the temple with a shrine to Sudeva, the hermit who lived on the mountain and a statue of the white elephant who carried the Buddha relic up the mountain. On the 2nd floor terrace is the picturesque golden chedi that enshrines the relic. It is a very sacred temple and it is very respected.


Chiang Mai City and Temples Half-Day Tour – Chiang Mai has many beautiful and historic Buddhist temples. There are 36 temples within the old city walls and many more in the surrounding countryside. After a drive up the mountain’s winding road, the final climb site is by an enormous mythological Nagas staircase of 306 steps. Nagas is a dragon-headed serpent. On a clear day, there are matchless views over the city of Chiang Mai from the temple grounds. What Chedi Luang consists of an impressive chedi. It was origanally built in 1411. It reached a height of over 278 feet before it was partially destroyed by an earthquake in 1545. Now it reaches a height of 196 feet. The temple also contains the city pillar. The tour takes you to many different magnificent temples.

Mae Taeng River White-Water Rafting from Chiang Mai – The full day trip begins with hotl pickup in the morning. You will be driven through a village in Mae Taeng District, with a stop at Sai Nam Phung Orchid Farm. On the way to the Mae Taeng River, take in the beautiful surroundings of the northern Thai countryside. When you arrive at the camp, river guides offer instruction on river safety and basic paddling techniques to prepare you for the ride. The fast-flowing Mae Taeng River provides a exciting ride with unforgettable views of the jungle. This powerful river north of Chiang Mai travels through a mountainous landscape. You will get wt as you bump over class 2 to 4 rapids. Usually the weather is warm, so you will dry quickly. But drying depends on the season and water levels.

Private Lanna Dinner Experience from Chiang Mai – This tour takes you to a home of a Lanna family. You will have a 4-hour experience includes a tour of the traditional teakwood home, gardens and fruit orchards, followed by a cooking session and dinner. This tour will be picking you up from your hotel by private vehicle, your guide takes you south of Chiang Mai to Bandoo village in the Hangdong district. Upon arrival, you will be visiting the home of a Lanna family whose ancestors immigrated to the region almost 150 years ago by elephant. As you walk around the fruit orchards, see how tropical varieties such as banana, mango and coconut are grown. You can also learn about fresh herbs and other ingredients used for cooking from the garden. This tour gives you an amazing experience of dining traditionally.

In conclusion, Chiang Mai has an amazing variety of activities and sights. Chiang Mai is a fun place to be. Chiang Mai is filled with tours, temples and many other sights. Chiang Mai also has many activities to cherish. Chiang Mai will make your trip memorable and keep Chiang Mai’s trip in your heart forever. Coming to Chaing Mai is an amazing experience. Chiang Mai is a beautiful place to visit in Thailand.

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