Antarctica is Earth’s southernmost continent, often called South Pole and with it’s total 14m sqm Km area, it is the fifth largest continent in the world, double the size of Australia. About 98% of Antarctica is covered with ice that averages 1.9km in thickness.

Antarctica, on average, is the coldest, driest, and windiest continent, and has the highest average elevation amongst all other continents. It is often termed as Ice desert where temperatures has been recorded at −89 °C (−129 °F) with obvious no permanent residents there. However, anywhere between 1000-5000 people reside throughout the year at the research stations scatter across the continent.

Only cold-adapted organisms survive with very active marine life, apart from fur seals and various breeds of penguins.

TRAVEL MOTIVATIONS Inspires you to Travel to Antarctica
Antarctica is the coldest and driest part of the world as well as being the most visually stunning. The landscape is dramatic and this southernmost part of the world is home to a wide range of unique wildlife. Despite its frigid temperatures, this enchanting part of the world is inhabited by huge numbers of penguins and elephant seals, and the best place to see them in on the picturesque South Georgia Island, which is home to millions of penguins as well as giant petrels, albatross and other species of animals. The area offers numerous scenic spots for animal lovers to enjoy such as Right Whale Bale, which is a great place to view herds of elephant seals, while Salisbury Plain boasts an enormous king penguin rookery.

We Feel that the Antarctica is Best for Nature Lovers
People who have a real love for nature and a strong sense of adventure are sure to enjoy exploring Antarctica. In addition to South Georgia Island, this part of the world is home to hundreds of other islands of all shapes and sizes including Peterman Island, Anver Island, Zavodovski Island and the South Shetland Islands. Visitors who arrange a cruise or another type of boat trip will have plenty of opportunities to admire the stunning scenery of Antarctica in comfort and style. No matter where they go, visitors are sure to be impressed by Antarctica’s wild natural beauty, which is marked by wide seas with clear water, dramatic mountains and islands that are simply teeming with wildlife. This part of the world is also a great place to go hiking in the summer months as well as mountain climbing and trekking.

Our Advice on the Best Time to Visit
People who are planning to travel to Antarctica should bear in mind that this part of the world is only accessible to visitors between November March, which is marked by the austral summer season. At this time of year coastal temperatures usually rise to around 14°C and there is daylight twenty four hours a day, as opposed to twenty four hours of darkness in the winter months. However, even at this time of year temperatures at inland parts of Antarctica such as the South Pole often drop to below -15°C, while during the winter temperatures can plummet to an extremely chilly -80°C.

Explore the Visual Delights of Antarctica
Visitors who explore the Ross Sea to the south of Australia and New Zealand will be greeted by the magnificent sight of Mount Erebus. This is the southernmost active volcano in the world and is situated at a mighty 3,795 metres. This area is also home to the Ross Ice Shelf, which is the biggest iceberg in the world and visitors who take a boat trip on the Ross Sea will also have the chance to view some stunning wildlife, while people who visit in the month of April will have the chance to climb to the top of Mount Kirkpatrick. Exploring Antarctica’s dry valleys is another experience that should not be missed and visitors who take a guide and pack plenty of supplies are often given the chance to book an extended trekking trip through this region and discover firsthand how harsh the arctic tundra can be.

There are many things to do like camping, snowshoeing, hiking, cross country skiing and many more activities which has become popular these days with the advent of tourists.

It takes courage or an adventure mind to explore this continent and be recognized as handful of travelers who has dread to tread this ice continent.

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