How to Save Money in Bangkok

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Spending time in Bangkok doesn’t come cheap and it can quickly drain your budget, especially if you enjoy spending time with ladies of the night! However, there are also plenty of ways for those in the know to save a few Baht while hanging out in the Big Mango while on holiday in Thailand.

Water Machines
Filling up old water bottles from water machines is an easy way to save money, while also cutting down on the amount of plastic that you use. These water machines can be found on most streets throughout Bangkok, especially in residential areas. Most apartment buildings also have their own water machines and non-residents are welcome to use them. A one Baht coin will get you a litre of water and the machines are easy to use. These water machines use reverse osmosis to purify regular tap water, making it safe to drink.

Morning Market Price
There is a Thai superstition that the first sale of the day is lucky, which means that traders will often drop their prices dramatically to get that all important first sale. Arrive at markets just as traders are setting up, turn on the charm a little and you are likely to get some great deals. Most market traders accept bartering for goods, so make your first offer at around a third of the starting price and you are likely to end up paying half or less.

Free Entrance Times
Many of the top places to visit in Thailand are free at certain times of the week:

Although Westerners have to pay a small entrance fee for most of the temples in Bangkok, entrance is free early in the morning.

Channel 7 Stadium, which is situated opposite Chatuchak Market, holds free matches on Sunday afternoons.

Hotel shuttle boats offer a free service on the Chao Phraya River.

Get fit for free by joining an aerobics class in the park. Most parks and other areas of the city have group aerobics sessions at 6pm each day.

Bakery Bonuses
Most of the top end bakeries in hotels and shopping malls offer 50% selected items after 18:00. This is a great way to enjoy decadent pastries, sandwiches and cakes for less.

Sightseeing on the Cheap
Save money on expensive sightseeing tours by taking the bus. Buses run on routes through all parts of the city and cost just a few Baht. Canal boats and river ferry boats also double as cheap sightseeing options and the city’s waterways run past a large number of world famous attractions. Bangkok tourist packages can also work out pretty cheap if you take the time to shop around.

Dining at 7-Eleven
OK, so the food sold at 7-Eleven might not always be the best for your waistline, but it’s great for your wallet. Just about everything from ready meals to sandwiches and snacks can be found here for just a few Baht. The store offers hot water and salad for free, which allows you to make your instant noodles to eat on the go and add a few vitamins with lettuce and slices of cucumber and tomato.

Make use of Free Wi-Fi
Why pay internet cafe fees? A large number of places in the city offer Wi-Fi, including parks and shopping centres. If you have a smart phone or laptop with you it is possible to surf the net for free in most parts of the city.

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