Kanchanaburi is a very beautiful destination where people can explore and experience nature as well as wildlife hand in hand. This place is just 130 kilometers away from Bangkok. It is situated in the intersection of kwai Noi and Kwai Yai Rivers to the west side of Bangkok and on the way to the Burmese border.


People who love adventure and love to explore the beauty of nature, this would be the perfect place to come, enjoy and getting lost in the hands of nature. Apart from its natural scenic beauty which is the major reason of attraction for the tourist, this place is also known for its friendly behavior of the people. The place is best known for its natural beauty, historical information, waterfalls, wide range of species and multiethnic diversity of people living together that make the place look very unique and interesting.

Now-a-days in the fast sophisticated world, you hardly get to breathe fresh air, so the advantage of this place is obviously the fresh air with less traffic pollution. Less crowded unlike cities and along with the natural beauty it makes it a bountiful place. Kanchanaburi offers both natural and man-made beauty and that makes the place worth to visit. For the travel lovers or any people who do not have the experience till now, it is advisable to make a plan and visit this place and treasure a life time experience.

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Beautiful and Informative Places to Visit in Kanchanaburi

Erawan National Park

Erawan National Park which is just 550 square kilometer in area, in western Thailand is situated in Tenasserim hills. It is just an hour drive from Kanchaburi. The Major Attraction of this beautiful place is Erawan waterfalls, a seven series of waterfall is the main highlight of this park. It can be considered the most beautiful and lovely place where you can explore and capture the beautiful scenic beauty. The seven tiered waterfall has been named after god Erwan. The seven series of waterfalls looks very impressive where each series has got its own shape and has got its own character. The water looks so fresh and clean that you would feel to go for swimming. The place is so beautiful that people would just love to spend their entire day in this gorgeous place. But once you make a plan to visit this place, do not forget to pack your swim suit.

Tiger’s Temple

For those people who are animal lovers or those who want to get a close look and interaction with tigers, then this would be the right place to come and get breathtaking experience for a lifetime. Tiger Temple is fast becoming one the major and popular attraction among the tourist. The monastery is situated 40 kilometers away from Kanchanaburi. It is a beautiful place where people get to see all kinds of wildlife and domestic animals living together in the open nature. In other words, it is a place for those tigers and cubs that have been rescued from the hands of poachers. They can move freely and peacefully. It is quite a fascinating experience for the visitors who get a scope to pet the tigers and pose along with them to get clicked. Watching and interacting with tigers gives a lifetime experience, whereas in other places you get to see the tigers behind the bars of the cage. Even tourist can take the cubs in their lap and get a chance to feed them and also get clicked by them. The sanctuary is maintained by the Buddhist monks. So this place is also a must visit to explore wild life in a different way.

Bridge Over River Kwai

The bridge is in Kanchaburi. It is best known among people for its historical landmark. The railway was created by the Japanese people during WW2 in order to supply their troops to Burma. This is the reason why it is called “Death Railway “. This Bridge was constructed under terrible circumstances. Many prisoners and civilians died during the construction of this bridge. Tourists from round the corners of the world make it a point to visit this historical place. The bridge became very famous after a fictional novel written and a movie made on the name of this bridge.

Hellfire Pass Memorial Museum

Hellfire Pass Memorial Museum is situated around 80 kilometer north-west of Kanchanaburi. The main purpose and motive of this museum is to give the honor to those people who died during the construction of the bridge. The museum has got its own theatre which provides a scope to the tourist to view short video which was made from the war footage and construction of the railway.

Lawa Cave

Lawa cave is one of the famous caves in the world. The cave is situated on the side of kwai Noi River. The entrance of the cave is narrow but once you enter, you would get to see a spacious area with scenic splendor. A small entry fee has to be paid at the office situated at the track’s base otherwise the lights in the caves remain turned off. Even so, bringing a torch with you is always handy, if you intend exploring this dark place. Just inside the entrance, a tiny Buddhist shrine is secreted. Further in are much larger chambers, some with local bats whose squeaks provided the only sounds within. Apart from the two farthest rooms where continuously dripping water continues to form stalagmites and stalactites, the cave is mostly dry.


Jeath War Museum

The Jeath War Museum is one of the two war museums in Thailand. The museum is made in such a way that it gives the look of the replica of the actual prisoners of war camp. This museum gives a very good scope to the visitors to take sneak peek or get a closer look of the harsh realities of life which took place within this camp. The museum is maintained by the monks. The museum is divided into two sections. One section shows the phase of the construction of “Death Railway” and the other section consists of reconstructed bamboo huts containing items like paintings, pictures of former prisoners and many more things.

Don -Rak War Cemetery

Don-Rak -War Cemetery which is also known as Kanchanaburi War Cemetery. This place is the final resting place of all those people who died during the construction of “Death Railway”

Elephant World

For all those people who are animal lover, the visit to this place is a must. Spending an entire day with elephant is a wonderful experience. Instead of going on an elephant ride or watching them to perform in circus, here visitors get a very good scope and opportunity to serve the elephant in an ethical way. They get a chance to spend the entire day in the service of these animals like cooking food for them or bathing them in river. These elephants are being rescued from the years of abuse and labor. In Thailand, elephant is considered to be one of the most admired creatures. It gives a wonderful chance to the visitors to show their affection and care to those abused creature.

If you would like to have a day out in Kanchanaburi from Bangkok, you may Download this Package Brochure to find out details.


Places to Dine or Eat

Apart from the places which are being discussed here, there are a lot more places to visit and explore like caves, waterfalls, historical places and last but not the least the raw nature itself, the fresh air which gives you a fresh and energetic feeling. Even nightlife in Kanchanaburi is stunning that offers the tourists from night market stands to a number of restaurants and bars. Here we discuss about the places where people can get quality of food depending on the size of their pocket.

People who are looking for delicious food at a reasonable prices, they should head towards the centre of the town. Day/Night Market which is situated across the river, Kwai hotel is an outdoor restaurant which offers their customer mouth watering and inexpensive range of food. There is also a Floating Restaurant which is situated at the base of the World famous River Kwai Bridge. It offers their visitors Thai and international food. Visitors get a chance to dine and view the beautiful scenic beauty.

For the coffee lover there is Srifa Bakery. Another one is Mangosteen Cafe and Books that not only offer their customers smoothies and fresh coffee but also offer wide range of authentic Thai food. People who are tired of trying their hands in Thai food can go for a change in taste and opt for Bell’s Pizzeria which offers tasty pasta dishes and yummy pizza.

For the vegetarian people On’s is a lovely and friendly spot which offers their visitor healthy and tasty food at reasonable prices. Want to get ambience of resort type of hotel, then go for Keeree Tara or The Loft, both got the ambience of resort and have a stylish look. Even Apple’s restaurant is popular among the backpackers that offer spicy Thai food at reasonable prices.


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