KHAO LAK: The Mountain Island in the Thailand

Khao Lak is a chain of villages, which is now tourist focused, situated mostly in the Takua Pa District and partially in the Thai Mueang District of Phang Nga Province, Thailand. The name “Khao Lak” means “Lak mountain”. Lak Mountain is one of the major mountains in this small mountainous region with a maximum height of 1,050 meters surrounded by Khao Lak-Lam Ru National Park.

Places to see at Khao Lak

You get many waterfalls in and all around Khao Lak inside the various national parks here which are Lamru, Khao Lam Pi, Sri Phang Nga and Khao Sok national parks respectively. There are in total 19 waterfalls in these national parks.

Phang Nga Bay

Beautiful limestone behemoths stand out of the sea providing you the most marvelous sights. You get to see large beautiful local fauna here. The presence of the birds here is pretty prevalent. They are colorful including Pacific egrets, sea eagles as well as many kingfishers.

The Similans

This is collection of 9 islands is a marine national park situated 20 km west from the Khao Lak. It has some of the most lovely landscape to be found anyplace on the planet. Warm crystal pure seas with a clear view make snorkeling bliss along with radiantly colored fishes and corals everywhere.

These small, pebbly, jungle covered islands have beaches that have fine chalk white sand and crystal water that is more beautiful than anywhere else in Thailand.

Activities at Khao Lak

If you are in a search of absolute peace and tranquility then Khao Lak delivers it to you in immense style. Starting from providing you the most romantic beach strolls, to amazing scuba diving, to day tours, there is a large list of activities to be done here, but yes in a quiet peaceful way. The nightlife is a little passive and there are quite a few welcoming places to have a few drinks with your friends and family as well.

The Khao Lak Scuba Diving (Similan Islands)

You can take up courses and learn diving and day trips for skilled divers are spontaneously available, each groups will have about six divers at maximum. For those who want more than the vivid under water life in this area, for them there are liveaboard trips.Towards the west from the Khao Lak are situated the Similan Islands with the Surin archipelago placed to the northwest.

The Phang Nga Bay Sea Canoe

There are a number of companies that offer sea cave kayaking tours from Khao Lak to the nearby Phang Nga Bay, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Spot. Starting right from the departure juncture, the ‘mother ship’, which also carries the kayaks along, will take you to the limestone islands that, as time passed, have collapsed in to each other allowing the interior to remain in one piece and untouched over the many years.

The Sea caves take you into these lagoons and when tide states are all right and the view you get to see is just breath taking. The Tour packages include visit to several of these sites, and also the lunch is provided along to the visitors.

Nature Tours

As the Khao Lak is fenced by the national parks, one should definitely go for an eco-friendly nature tour. The Pick-up time in the Khao Lak area are generally at about 09:00 and you will be taken to a fishery to have a look and enjoy many of the exotic species there, then you would be taken to an elephant camp.

A ride all the way through the jungle on the back of an elephant is certainly a lifetime experience and you will be all stunned at the mildness of these huge sized beasts. After you have your lunch would be taken up to a camp via bus in the mountains where the bamboo rafts would welcome you downriver.

Places to see at Khao Lak

It has some of the very amazing eating places and restaurants here. Some of the restaurants found at Khao Lak are:

ENZO, Bistro Fusion Japanese
Smile Khaolak Restaurant
Mr. Ju, Khao Lak ZERO km Restaurant
Mars Bar
Boom Boom Restaurant

Reason to visit Khao Lak

Khao Lak is an extraordinarily beautiful place and its splendor is by no means limited to its beaches. There also hills that rise to the east of the beaches and have a delightful blend of flora and fauna therefore it comes as no surprise that there are so many national parks here.

There are also good areas for fishing in this area. During as well as after the rainy season you get an amazing chance for rafting which is an exciting attraction over here. Mountain biking is also one of the very exciting and challenging here and backpackers will certainly not be upset. Snorkeling and watersports are popular along the shore while stunning diving sites are to the west.

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