Koh Lanta: The hippie island of Thailand

Koh Lanta is a colorful Thai island which too like other Thai islands keeps itself at a low key. Not much explored, it has that enthralling beauty intact with a touch of hippy culture in it.

Ko Lanta is an island situated off the Andaman Coast of the Southern Thailand. Ko Lanta comprises of many islands, the two major of which is the Ko Lanta Noi (“Small Lanta Island”) and the Ko Lanta Yai (“Big Lanta Island”).

Places to see in Koh Lanta

The South beaches
Ba Kantiang Bay Beach
Nui Bay Beach
Ao Klong Jark Beach aka Waterfall Bay Beach
Bamboo Bay Beach

The North beaches and East coast
Klong Khong Beach
Long Beach (Phra Ae)
Klong Dao Beach
Sand Ga U village at the east coast

National park
If you go beyond south from the Bamboo Bay Beach, or if you just take a left while moving south from the Waterfall Bay Beach, you will reach to a national park area. The entrance fee of this national park is 200 THB/$ 6 and it remains open till 6 pm. If you go in late you will not have to pay anything.

Lanta Old Town
This town was earlier a business center of the island till 50 years ago, that is when the ferryboats in the north began to run. The place is believed to be a cultural attraction of the entire island as it features has a Chinese temple and a Buddhist temple situated. Some of the major festivals in Koh Lanta are held here.

Lanta Animal Welfare Santuary
If you are an animal lover you can go ahead and spend some time with the rescued animals kept here and taken care of.

Activities in Koh Lanta

Diving and snorkeling
The diving on the west of Thailand is considered to be the excellent, as the waters are pretty clean and clearer here, the corals and reefs are in quite good condition. The waters of Andaman has a variety of marine life in it, including turtles, manta rays, leopard sharks, whales, whale sharks, dolphins and also a large range of reef fish and more.

There are four major diving destinations from Koh Lanta that are Koh Haa, King Cruiser, Koh Bida/Phi Phi and the Hin Deang and Hin Muang. All the dive trips mostly leave at near 08:00 and come back to Koh Lanta at about 14:00 to 16:00 and they also include lunch and two dive sites along at least. Read more about Diving in Thailand or Check out our Sample Diving Packages

Elephant Trekking
Koh Lanta is full of plush green forests loaded with various tropical birds, magnificent plant life and spectacular panoramas. There are several companies scattered all over the island that can provide you with trekking facilities through the forest.

Thai Massage
From beach spas to high class spas, Koh Lanta has a huge range of massage criterions available all over the island. If you choose for type of spa on the beach, they are generally quite low-priced (say around 300 baht). The Hotel spas you get generally have a touch of western-style massages with a comparable price tag.

You can also try for some of the Koh Lanta’s well-respected Yoga classes offered all over the island. You can look out for the yoga the classes at Sri Lanta in Klong Nin and The Sanctuary in Phrae Ae.

Places to eat in Koh Lanta

Sunset Restaurant
It is small restaurant on the Klong Dao beach that is very close to D.R. Lanta Resort next to the Mooks bar. The Thai food here is the best on the beach. You get the genuine Thai-style eating where the tables are directly positioned on the sand. You get an amazing view with a serene breeze right from the sea.

Costa Lanta
It is recognized as one of the most exclusive and modern buildings on Lanta because of its space that has been included in some international design magazines, and because it’s elegant concrete and recycled timber look.

Roi Thai
It was started almost 30 years ago in Chang Mai. Roi Thai has been offering great Thai food in Lanta for ages. The curries available here have no preservatives in them and it been certified by the ministry of public health. They also run cooking classes at the restaurant as well.

Cook Kai
It is just across the street from the Klong Nin Beach. Absolutely made of wood and amazingly adorned, it gives you a commodious open feasting area and bar as well. Here you can get Thai food at 140 baht and higher for mains.

Viewpoint Restaurant
It is on the road between the western and eastern beach roads. You get amazing Western and Thai food here. This particular site also offers you the most stunning panoramas of the east coast, morning sunrise and the Old Town. It opens at 5:30 morning so that you can watch the sun rise.

Reasons to Visit Koh Lanta
Koh Lanta is famous for its diving programs and the beautiful and serene long white beaches. In if you are not a diving fanatic, you can still enjoy the pristine environment there with family. It is worth every penny spent.

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