Koh Lipe

Seclusion of Koh Lipe is enhanced by the enchanting beauty and peacefulness of the place. Koh Lipe is found 60 km from the Thai Mainland, the nearest wharf is in Pak Bara. It is the most Southern island in Thailand and on a sunny morning you can see Langkawi Island in Malaysia, which is only 30 km away.

The island is a piece of the Adang Archipelago, a bunch of around 10 uninhabited islands (Koh Lipe being the exemption). Day treks to the encompassing islands are prevalent and very prescribe as they are the most ideal approach to investigate the marine park.

This bunch of islands is a piece of the much bigger Tarutao National Marine Park, a nature store built in 1974 as Thailand’s second National Park. It comprises of around 50 islands and spreads 1500 km².

Koh Lipe island was initially found by the Chao Ley (or Sea Gypsies) who might venture out from island to island looking for the best angling in the ranges to encourage themselves and their tribes. The Chao Ley in the end discovered a perpetual home on Koh Lipe and were given a stipend to settle on the island’s eastern shoreline (Koh Lipe Sunrise Beach) and have subsequent to stayed there.

Koh Lipe’s white sandy shorelines are ideal for unwinding and you can snorkel right of all them. A few top jump locales are close by for the more audacious submerged voyagers. There are a lot of different things to do as well!

You can rest in anything from basic bamboo hovels to rich extravagance resorts with a swimming pool. There is an incredible mixture of eateries on the island going from delicious Thai road sustenance to delightful worldwide food. A few coffeehouses and bars are there to keep you juiced and hydrated.

Places to see and Activities

Koh Lipe has extraordinary snorkeling straight of every last one of shorelines, however numerous individuals go on a snorkel trek to the encompassing islands.

Koh Lipe sits on the edge of one of Thailand’s extraordinary national marine parks. Delicate corals, rock outcroppings, reef gardens and even a disaster area anticipate jumpers. You can spot whale sharks, manta beams, ocean snakes and a thousand different animals. You will wonder to the monster stone steps, gigantic stones and coral retires that dive to profound channels beneath.


It’s conceivable to contract a private longtail vessel for the day and investigate the close-by islands. The standard trek visits 4 to 5 areas for snorkeling and for unwinding on the shoreline.

What to eat?

For an island of its size the nourishment on Koh Lipe is, really great. Mam Papaya and Sunrise Beach Restaurant serve wonderful and credible Thai sustenance at beneath normal costs, an announcement reassuringly went down by the islands expats. The Walking Street offers a decent determination of Western sustenance however hope to pay a premium for what any individual who feels comfortable around a kitchen could without much of a stretch make back at home. Dodge the Mexican put along the Walking Street, and if you take away one suggestion from this audit it ought to be to abstain from eating at Ricci House where the gourmet expert is exceptionally able – of giving individuals sustenance harming.

Reason to visit

Koh Lipe has seen a substantial increment in guests in the most recent decade and has now turned into an all year destination. The island can be come to year around from Pak Bara. In high season vessels additionally associate with Langkawi, Koh Lanta, Koh Phi, Phuket and a few little islands in the Andaman Sea.

Weekends have a tendency to be more occupied all year on Koh Lipe as Thai and Malaysian sightseers herd to the island for a weekend break. Transport and inn reservations are exceptionally suggested on friday, saturday and sunday, particularly when there is a national occasion.

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