Koh Phangan – Famous for Moonlight Party

Koh Phangan Island sits in the in Surat Thani Province of the Gulf of Thailand. This island is a part of the Samui Archipelago. The Koh Phangan island has two sister islands, the larger Ko Samui to the south and the smaller Ko Tao to the north.

The name Ko Pha Ngan has originated from the term “ngan”, which in southern dialect means “sand bar”, as there are indeed several numbers of sandbars offshore.

Places to see at Koh Phangan

Thong Sala: It the island’s capital and main ferry port.

Ao Nai Wok: It is also known as the Baan Manali Beach that has been originated from the hotel of same name. It is a peaceful beach along with a long white sandbar facing it. It is the first bay located north of the Thong Sala and it is one of the best suitable zones for carrying out water sports like sailing, windsurfing or kayaking.

Sri Thanu : It is volcanic peninsula located at the south of Haad Son and Haad Yao which has beaches as well bays.

Haad Son : It is a small beautiful bay along with beautiful waters and a beach. A place perfect for the family and children to spend time.

Haad Chao Phao :It is a quiet and small beach on the western shore of Ko Pha Ngan. It has numerous bars and restaurants on the beach where after the sun set you can enjoy your drinks and dinner. A Moon Set Party is held at the Pirate Bar here. The party is arranged every time a few days before the Full Moon Party.

Haad Yao : It is a beautiful sandy beach located just north of Haad Chao Phao.
Haad Salad — An perfect bay with where you get to see a numerous of high-end resorts on the northwestern side of the island. A shadowy area due to the trees planted here making it perfect for the family to spend time here.

Mae Haad : It is a wide beach connected to Koh Mah, a national marine park. It is the perfect place for diving as well as snorkeling on Pha Ngan. There is also a small village and a number of restaurants, resorts and bars.

Thonglang Bay : It is the most unexplored bay situated between Chalok Lam and Haad Mae Haad Mae Haad. It offers a perfect peaceful escape for everyone from the hustle bustle of crowds.

Chalok Lam : It is a fishing village with a beautiful scenic beauty due to its sandy bay located at the northern tip of the island. The waters are extremely beautiful with a commercial Malibu beach placed in western end having one of the best sand of the island.

Haad Khom : A quiet beach soft white sand and pristine clear waters where you can relax and also go for the snorkeling sport on the island and explore the various marine species.

Bottle Beach : It is also known as “Haad Khuat” and is one of the most out of the way beach on the island. It is on the northern coast and is reachable by a longtail boat from the Chalok Lam.

Haad Rin — (Hat Rin) : This is where the famous Full Moon Party is held. You get to see the biggest party scenario over here.You get to see very nice wavy ocean from here with beautiful blue colored water. Apart from the Full moon party days, it is pretty quiet at the beach for rest of the days.

Activities at Koh Phangan

Water Sports

You can enjoy some of the greatest water sports here at Koh Phangan as its clear pristine waters and varied marine life make it perfect place for such water sports. The different water sports for which Koh Phangan is famous for are:
Scuba and snorkeling
Surfing and windsurfing
Waterskiing and jet skiing

Go on a jungle trail

Bicycle tours
Take a bike or just go by the foot and explore the nature within the jungle

Full Moon Party
This place is famous for this Full Moon Party that is held on the Haad Rin Beach. Hundreds flock together during this time every month and have a rollicking time with Music, Dance and clear fun. Most foreigners come to Koh Phangan only for this activity as the experience here will leave anyone spellbound.

Yoga at Thong Nai Pan Yai

Boat tours
Go around on boat tours and enjoy the cool breeze.

Places to eat at Koh Phangan

Some of the famous restaurants and eating places found at Koh Phangan are:

Delicat & Sens Restaurant
Haad Yao Lounge
CRAVE restaurant and lounge
Lake Hut

Reasons to visit Koh Phangan

Besides its breath taking scenic beauty it is famous for the Full Moon Party held here at Raad Rin beach. The Full Moon Party has been acclaimed by the Reader Digest as the number one wild party in the world. It is also a famous destination for backpacker.

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