Koh Samet

Ko Samet is 200 kilometers away from Bangkok in the Gulf of Thailand. Ko Samet is famed for its white sandy beaches, exotic coral and crystal clear waters. Ko Samet has developed steadily over the past decade or so. The island has splendid beaches and white silky sand, surrounded by tropic coral reefs and crystal clear sea. It is a popular tourist destination for Thais and foreigners alike. As Ko Samet is so near Bangkok, the island is ideal for those the capital wanting to relax with their families for a couple of days. It is only a 2.5 hour ride to Ban Phe, where one can take a 20-minute ferry to the island.


Ao Phrao – Ao Phrao is one of the quietest beaches of Ko Samet. It is located quite far away from the lively nightlife of ko Samet. Ao Phrao is an upmarket beach with no budget options. The blue sea, white sand and sunsets are beautiful. The resort is right next to the beach so you can go for a swim any time of the day. The atmosphere is white sandy beaches with clear waters and trees all around the beach.

Hat Sai Kaew (Diamond Beach) – One of the mostt beautiful and most popular beaches on Ko Samet. Hat Sai Kaew is 1 km long and 25-30 m wide. Most of the space is taken up with deck chairs from the restaurants. The name speaks for itself, Hat Sai Kaew means Crystal sand beach. This beach is filled with activities. Visitors can enjoy sunbathing, swimming, jet skiing, windsurfing, catamaran sailing, a banana boar or even partying at night. It can get a bit noisy by the motorized activity though.


Boat Trips – There are several companies on the island offering a variety of different boat trips from around the island on a large slow boat to a 7 island speed boat day trip visiting many of the surrounding islands from Samet. These trips are all a good value but be sure to have a chat before you book and make sure you are getting the trip you want and that they are not taking you into another trip as they cannot do the one you are asking for. Also trips are dependent upon weather conditions.

Scuba Diving – With the calm surrounding waters and coral reefs Ko Samet has something to offer those of all levels of diving, but it is an especially good place to learn to scuba dive with classes nearly always on the smaller side and often one-on-one with an instructor. With depths ranging from 5 m down to 25 m, there is a variety of local sites to dive on and explore and theree are also the outer islands that surround Ko Samet which offer stunning coral reefs such as Ko Talu.

In conclusion, Ko Samet is a beautiful island with clear waters, majestic beaches and lots of trees. Ko Samet is very close to Bangkok for people with busy lives to spend time with their families outside of Bangkok. Ko Samet should be visited by people who live in Thailand or want to visit Thailand. Ko Samet is a very quiet place to be and it is very peaceful.

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