Kui Buri National Park

This place is a heaven for those who love nature and amidst wilderness at this huge meadow of forest, that touch your soul.


Location and Wildlife

Kui Buri is located in the Tenasserim Hills in the Prachuap Khiri Khan Province of Thailand, next to one of the largest nationals parks of the country, Kaeng Krachan, a short drive from Hua Hin city covering 969km and is the home to many animals including tigers, leopards, gibbons, dusky langur (the cutest monkeys around), stump-tailed macaques, Asiatic black bear, Malayan sun bear, gaur (Indian bison), serow, Malayan tapir, and four species of hornbill, as well as hundreds of other creatures.

The forest consists of dry and moist evergreen trees with one of the biggest population of Gaurs(over 100) and with 320 wild elephants.

Though it is justifiably well known for it’s elephant, it is possibly the only protected area in Thailand where seeing elephants in the wild is virtually guaranteed. An exciting opportunity awaits you for spotting a Gaur, called “Kathing’ in Thai language, a rare yet magnificent species of wild cattle.

Amongst other mammals, best chance of seeing wildlife are Leopards, Deers, Bantengs, and Langurs.

For bird watchers, it is a a real paradise with easy spotting of crested fireback, indian roller and asian open bill amongst hundred others.

Landscape and Ecosystem

Unlike many other National Parks in Thailand, to preserve the eco system of the wilderness and poaching activities, apart from the birdwatching area surrounding the campsite, visitors are given restricted access through guided tours only and are not allowed to drive inside in their own vehicles. Enjoy the company of the local guides, in smart uniforms, driving you down the creeks and bushes to see the coveted.

Like most of the National Parks, Kui Buri also has several waterfalls, with Dong Mai Fai to be the largest, boasting of 15 separate levels including a few, naturally made suitable for swimming. Another waterfall, worth mentioning is Pha Ma Hon, which flows over an impressive cliff.

Though the park can be visited anytime of the year, with a special warning of rainfall during May to November. Heavy rainfalls do happen during May and November but otherwise incessant rains would not interrupt much of your outing.

Accommodation and Necessities

For an adventure trip and to get lost in the wilderness, we recommend 2-3 days of halt with fantastic home stays and interactions with locals, learning Thai culture. Alternately, It has a campsite with a visitor center and basic accommodation facilities are available in form of tents and bunglows.

We advise you to carry insect repellent, walking shoes, binoculars, long sleeve, long trousers and a camera with a long telephoto lens.

For those who would like to have a day’s trip to the jungle with the comfort of staying in the best of the resorts, we can arrange your stay, 40 mins further to the park, at X2 Kui Buri which has been awarded Asia’s top Design Hotel by Now Travel Asia Magazine for the second time, and is considered as top ten design hotels in the Asian region.

Balancing the needs of the environment, this natural paradise is making great strides to continue to thrive.

Even though it is an Off the beaten track destination, but well worth a visit to herald your imagination and immerse in nature.

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