Loei Province is one of the 77 provinces in Thailand. Loei means to the extreme. This is not the wildest place in Thailand but it has amazing national parks and nature reserves. The place here is mountainous and temperatures change from one extreme to another. It is hotter than anywhere else in Thailand during the hot season but it is also one of the few provinces in Thailand where temperature drops below 0 degree celsius. About in December and January the crisp air paints leaves red and yellow at high elevations.


Major Attractions

Tham Erawan – Tham Erawan is on the border between Loei and Nong Bua Lamphu provinces. Tham Erawan is a large cave shine, featuring a giant seated Buddha. The Buddha is visible from several kilometers away. The Buddha can be reached by a winding staircase of 600 steps. The views are magnificent, especially at sunset. More stairs and a line of lights lead you through the huge chamber and out the other side of the mountain. You should get out of the cave before they turn the lights out.

Phu Kradung National Park – Phu Kradung National Park is Thailand’s second national park is always cool at its highest reaches, where its flora is a mix of pine forest and savannah. Various forest animals, including elephants, Asian jackals, Asiatic black bears, samar deer, serious and white handed gibbons in the park. The mountain takes about 3 or 4 hours to climb. It is not too challenging. It would be too challenging if it was wet. The hikes quite scenic and there are stops with food vendors at every kilometer. The 5.5 kilometer trail passes six waterfalls in a forested valley. There are also many clifftop viewpoints, some ideal for sunrise and sunset. Spending the night at Phu Kradueng is rite of passage for many students. During school holidays the park get very crowded (March – May and especially New Year). The park is closed June to September.

Khamnuan Nursery – Khamnuan nursery is filled with beautiful flowers and plants. This nursery is full of cold-climate flowers, especially hanging petunia and christmas trees. The nursery is located just 3 kilometers from Amphoe Phu Ruea on Highway No.203. Khamnuan Nursery is filled with colors and it looks magnificent under the sunlight. The best day to visit Khamnuan Nursery would be a nice sunny day. On a sunny day the flowers look beautiful and the view of the flowers are magnificent. The look is completely majestic. Looking at plants and staying with nature is stunning.


In conclusion, Loei is a place full of sights with naturally beautiful sceneries. Loei has many places to visit and it has different climates. Loei has amazing national parks and nature reserves. It is one of the places in Thailand where temperature drops below 0 degree celsius. Leo is one of the most infrequently populated province. The city of Loei is surrounded by mountain ranges whose summits are covered by fog and are abundant with various kinds of flora. The best known mountains in the province are Phu Kradueng, Phu Luang and Phu Ruea.

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