Mae Hong Song

As we venture into the high mountains, elephants and varied activities we notice the smallest details of a place. Mae Hong Son is full of leisure in every corner. If you love photography then the right place for you would be at a viewpoint. Here your pictures would come out terrific and your holiday memories will be captured to keep forever. Mae Hong Son has a tropical climate with a dry and warm winter. Phuket is the classic destination for mountainous views. Mae Hong Son should be visited during November to February when the beautiful destination is the coolest and the most delightful. The only problem with going at that time is that the nights are very chilly. The rainy season is from about June to October. The monsoon has a beautiful view. The hot season is from February to May.


Major Attractions

Wat Phra That Doi Kong Mu – A half-hour trek to see the top of Doi Kong Mu, two massive burmese-style lion statues are right in front of you at the top of the overgrown staircase. It is a respectable temple. It is located in Doi Kong Mu, it is 3 kilometers from the west of Mae Hong Son. In that beautiful location there are 4 more interesting attractions. There are 2 Phra That Chedis. One is the big one and one is the small one. There is also The Viharn of Wat Phra That Doi Kong Mu and a viewpoint. The viewpoint has a lovely and calm view. The scenery is enchanting and it makes your trip a glorious one.

Pai – This is a mesmerizing town loved by tourists because of it’s engaging natural surroundings. The attractions in this small town are a delightful waterfall, there is also an exquisite Pai canyon, and an amazing chance to go tubing down the Pai river. Paid is about 3.5 hours from Chiang Mai. Pai can be easily approachable by minivans, motorbikes, or a short flight.

Mae Hong Son Loop – You can experience all the sightseeing highlights of the province by following the Son Loop route. Many travelers rent a motorbike and spend a few days riding through mountains and countryside. There are stops at waterfalls and small towns in the way. You can take several days to enjoy the sights, you can stop for food and photography and as well as resting on the way.


Tham Lot Cave – A cave near Sopping, Pang Mapha district, Mae Hong Son Province, northern Thailand. The Nam Lang River flows through the cave. The cave has a number of bats and swifts. The cave contains a number of prehistoric wood coffins, the remnants of the coffins can still be seen.

Tham Pla Forest Park – Tham Pla means Cave fish. The park is around 17 kilometers from Mae Hong Song on the road to Pai. It’s an amazing little spot with the river in the cave. The main attraction is the fish cave, packed with Phluang fish. These fish are similar to carp and have to be some of the best fed in Thailand. You can buy small bags of food for them, a popular activity for those locations on location making merit. Free camping is available.

Mud Spa, Hot Springs and Golf Driving Range – The owner of a property to the north of Mae Hong Son had discovered supposedly health giving mud on his land. The mud is found only in large terra-cotta pots beside a large natural hot spring pool. A natur al hot spring pool wells up, it is creating a pool that is too hot to bathe in, although a bathing hut is currently being built for dips into the mineral-laden waters.

Food –

Nam Phrik Ong & Nam Phrik Num– A type of Nam Phrik chill paste that is made of minced pork and tomatoes. Nam Phrik is called fluid chili in English. Nam Phrik is used in many foods as it is a spicy chili paste and is used in food to make it tastier and spicier. It is usually eaten with soft-boiled vegetables, pork crackling or deep-fried crunchy rice cakes. Nam Phrik Ong is a spicy and is very tasty. Nam Phrik Num is anotherr chill paste eaten by Thais of all regions and is most popular in the north. It is often eaten with pork crackling.

Sai Ua – Sai Ua is a local sausage that is very aromatic and spicy, and usually is eaten with sticky rice. Sai Ua is popular in northern Thailand and northeastern Burma. It is the typical food in northernmost Mae Hong Son, Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai province and it has became very popular in the rest of Thailand as well.

Kaeng Hang-Le, Kaeng Om & Kaeng Khae – Kaeng Hang-Le is a northern-style pork curry. Kaeng Hang-Le is also called as Hang Le Mon and Hang Le Chiangsaen as its origin is from Burman where it is called “hin le” or “han le”, which is the same as “kaeng ho” of the Lanna people. Keang Om requires meat of some kind; There fore it is refuter to by the kind of meat that is used for example Keang om chin ngua for beef, kaen om chin khwai for buffalo meat, keen om chin mu for pork and kaeng om khruang an ngua and keen om khruang nai khwai for the kind of cow and bufallo organs respectively.

In conclusion, Mae Hong Son is a charming place to visit. There are amazing places to visit, astounding things to do and sensational food that will dance on your tongue when you eat. The places to visit will make very significant memories. The activities will give you outstanding experiences. Mae Hong Son is a remarkable place to be and contains of amazing experiences, stunning memories and phenomenal photographs to keep your trip in your memories and heart forever. Keep all your trips locked in your memories and make them the most memorable trip ever!

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