As we plunge into the world of emerald-green seas, delightful beaches, magnificent nightlife and the most appealing attractions we see a lot of other splendid and magical things. A wonderful place in Thailand called Phuket! The capital of Phuket province is the Phuket city. You will not be bored in Phuket as there are so many activities to do. The size of the island has been underestimated as there are remarkable amounts of places to visit and activities to do. Phuket is the prime holiday destination for nightlife too. Phuket has a tropical climate and seascape scenery. Phuket’s greatest advantage is that there is always something to do in any weather whether it is raining or a bright sunny day.

Major Attractions

Phang Nga Bay – Phuket has a wide range of places to visit. For example, Phang Nga Bay is one of the beautiful places in Phuket to visit. The emerald-green water is the speciality of the Phang Nga Bay. A trip cruising on this water and stopping on some beaches is a magical and rewarding experience. The two most famous spots on this bay are James Bond Island and Koh Panyee. The James Bond Island is a famous landmark, it was found on the international tourist map through the James Bond’s movie “The Man With The Golden Gun”.

Koh Panyee – As we commence with Koh Panyee’s size it is a small island. Not matter the size, there are hundreds of huts, shacks, restaurants and houses where the villagers live. Fishing was the sole industry but now it is on number 2. Nowadays, half the locals service the tourism industry and 40% locals are fisherman. There are a few temples to visit for example Wat Chalong and Wat Khao Rang. The temples in Phuket are all Buddhist as the natives are Buddhist. The temples have amazing architecture, monuments and many other beautiful factors.



Phuket is filled with activities no matter the weather. Phuket is bursting with activities. If you love the water there are some perfect activities. If you don’t love the waters no worries there are some sensational activities for you too.

Scuba Diving – Scuba diving in Phuket gives everyone a chance to enjoy the stunning waters, the pleasure to swim with marine life and to have a vivid holiday. Phuket is a great place to achieve your PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors) certificate. Phuket is rated among the top 10 diving destinations in the world.

Snorkeling – Another activity is snorkeling. The tropical seas of Phuket are best for snorkeling. The seas are calm, clear, and bursting with marine life. Snorkeling can be any time around the year but the best time is around November – April.

Spa/Massage – Phuket is also a great place for spa and massage. In Phuket massages are very popular too. Massages can be done in the ancient styles or the modern styles too. The ancient traditions of natural healing through herbal baths, massage, and meditation.

Viewpoints – You can also go to some viewpoints to pass time. One of the best viewpoints is Karon Viewpoint.

On the other hand, after all these outstanding activities people would get hungry. If you get hungry Phuket has a wonderful selection of food which will make you feel like you are walking on air. Phuket serves all kinds of Thai food but if you go to Phuket you should try their specialities like seafood. Seafood is the most found food in Phuket. A few of the best restaurants in Phuket are:

Breeze at Cape Yamu – Eat at a beautiful restaurant with light winds and a beachside view. There is also a stunning view of distant Phuket Town. The food there is divine, and so are there plenty of drink’s selections. The food and drinks are exquisite. The service there is delightful from the committed chef till the gentle, kind and well-mannered waiters.

Acqua at Kalim Beach – Aqua is about a kilometer north of Patong on the Beach Road. The decoration is black and white themed with a clean atmosphere and an innovative lighting. The food there is heavenly. They have a selection of appetizing starters, delightful main courses, and flavorful desserts.

Deedos Restaurant at Bangtao – A black-white and red themed restaurant. The atmosphere is casual with a classy twist. There is Latino house music is at low volume, so that everyone can enjoy their meal in a civilized and cool manner. For the food there are 43 dishes in four categories which are starters, salads, pasta, main course and dessert.


In conclusion, Phuket might be small but the activitIes, food and places to visit makes us forget the size of the island. Phuket has beautiful scenery, the local food is also brilliant, the beaches are magical and the nightlife forces you to dance. You should visit Phuket at least once in your life to get all the magnificent and magical experiences of your life. The best part of Phuket is its activities and scenery. If you even look at half of the island it will be a very illustrious holiday for you and your family. To make the trip memorable you should go to a few of the best viewpoints, some places in the cities, do some activities for some adventure and eat the local food as an experiment. Doing all this makes a trip glorious for anyone.

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