The Similan Islands: A kingdom that remains uninhabited

The Similan Islands is kingdom rich in marine life but remains uninhabited due to its rough weather conditions once in a year. After a year of exploration the Similan Islands National Park was set up here by the forest department. The only people who live here are some wardens that work continuous and the park staff members during the season of visitors.

The Similan Islands Weather makes the park to remain closed from May 15th to November 1st of each year. The weather gets changed without notice, sometimes rough and at times smooth. It is a chaotic period to visit therefore any efforts to visit the islands during this time of the year is strictly opposed.

The Similan Islands are located near 50 Kilometers west of Khao Lak, Thailand and are made up of nine granite islands with the crystal clear and blue tropical waters. It is also known to have some of the world’s finest beaches.

The term “Similan” is derived from a Yawi or Malay word, which means ‘nine’ or a ‘group of nine islands’. In the year 1982, this zone of 128 square kilometers was acknowledged as a marine national park and recently it has been counted among one of the foremost tourist attractions.

This national park is an archipelago made up of of total nine islands .Each of these islands has a name as well as a number given to it. They are all running from north to south:

Koh Ba Ngu : Number 9
Ko Similan : Number 8
Ko Payu : Number 7
Ko Miang , these are two adjoining islands: Number 4 and Number 5 , it is all together also called the Number 6 island
Ko Payan : Number 3
Ko Payang :Number 2
Ko Hu Yong : Number 1

The Hin Pousar also known as the “Elephant Head Rock” is also given the No. 6 position by few. Not long ago, the park has been extended to add two more remote islands along called the Ko Bon and Ko Tachai. The Koh Bon, may be given the honor of having the position number 10 among the islands.

Places to see on Similan Islands


The landscape of these nine islands is just picture perfect, which are all covered by the tropical jungles and have beaches that have absolute white sand, making them far more gorgeous. The underwater sights are even more remarkable and it is also considered to be the best diving location of Thailand. The Similan Islands have been praised by the Skin-Diver Magazine to be among one of the ten most beautiful places in the world.

Marine Life

The diversity of fish species is enormous here. You get amazing underwater visibility here. There are a plenty of colorful fishes such as the lionfish, clownfish. If you are lucky enough you may also spot bigger fishes like the great shark.The Royal Thai Marines run a turtle breeding on Ko Huyong and the access is restricted to the island

White Sand beaches

All the Similan Islands have white sandy beaches which are treat to the eyes. Koh Tachai beach is one of the most spectacular among all the beaches with those white sands and clear waters making it a perfect place for snorkeling and scuba diving.

Elephant Head Rock

Elephant Head Rock is classified as a Deep diving area. This location is actually a Reef. Here you will get to spot a large number of sharks. The rock has got its name from the shape of the rock at the surface which looks absolutely like an Elephant’s head. There are several small caves, arcs and swim-through which make it an amazing place for scuba divers.

Activities on the Similan Islands

The Similan Islands have some of the most beautiful and picturesque places of Thailand. As of activities there is plenty to do while you are visiting the Similan Islands.


This is one of the most common activity and way as well to discover the islands.

It is another big attraction at the Similan Islands. With several different Liveaboards operating as well as day tours from Khao Lak it is a baffling array of choices.

These islands are indeed great for exploring purpose so you can take your time. There are several small tracks on Similan Island number 4 and number 8. There is also a long track on the Island number 8

Bird Watching
The Similan Islands are home to many amazing animal life. It has some of the most rare and exotic birds. Among them the Nicobar Pigeon is extremely rare bird and also the White-tailed Tropicbird. You also get to see the Sea eagles and Kingfishers. Besides the amazing birds, they also have Hairy-Legged Crabs, Flying Foxes, Mangrove Monitor Lizards and many more such amazing species of life on these islands.

Sun Bathing
The white, Coral sand beaches provides you the perfect place for the sun-bathing opportunities.

Places to eat on Similan Islands

There is one Restaurant at the Similan National Park headquarters. There are also small, simple restaurant on Island number 4 and Island number 8

Reasons to visit Similan Islands

The Similan Islands are home to some of the best diving sites in the world. They also provide great scope of great snorkeling, bird watching, and sunbathing.
It has been listed as one of the Ten best Dive areas on earth, the Similan diving is simply the best dive area, the Thailand has to offer. The most striking feature of these islands, are the huge boulders that are scattered all over the western and southern shores on several of the islands.

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