Fire is the Element responsible for the passional resonance when you are following your life’s calling. It signifies joy and laughter. and provides warmth, enthusiasm and creativity. Unlike other elements, Fire does not exist is a natural state. The element of Fire is both creative and destructive. To feel the manifestations of this power, you need to go out on a sunny day or wander in the warm deserts to feel the warmth of the Sun. Fire is that element of nature which fuels our passion and show us brighter way of life when in dark.

PLACES : Deserts, Hot Springs, Volcanoes, Canyons

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    Rajasthan is known as ‘Land of Great Kings” is India’s largest state occupying 10.4% of…

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    Destination Management

    Every Journey Starts with a single step. Make It Easy.

    Life is too short to accommodate all our boundless imaginations and desires. We motivate and encourage you to cultivate the wondrous natural elements - Fire, Water, Earth, Wood and Metal that can be found at any travel destination, fulfilled by their landscapes. Set your mind free and think beyond your home....set up your imaginary destinations and leave it to us to craft the right solution for you through our Destination Management Services. Explore your needs online and Read more..

    Corporate Escape

    Break free from your mundane life. Set up your dream. Indulge in your freedom.

    With decades of experience in working with Corporate conglomerates, we understand the mind of the corporate individuals and their intrinsic needs. A dedicated, strategic and personalized approach is taken while designing the blueprint of any events. We ensure that we strike the right balance between budget and best deliverables. Consult us for exclusive arrangements for Seminars, Conferences and Conventions, Trade fair and any other special interest ac

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    Destination Theme

    Blissful yet hassle free destination - A desire unfulfilled ?

    How often have you thought of being far from the madding crowd, take on a dream vacation but perturbed with stringent itineraries of a group group tour ? We offer exclusive, customized, perfect theme getaways for the Elite. Indulge in our luxurious holiday travels and get pampered.

    Excavate your special interests, through our special Themed trips to Thailand - Golf Tours, Wedding celebrations, Spa Retreats, Detox and Weight Loss programs,Medical Tours and lot more. Contact us

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