When sailing is a part of your lifestyle

Choices are abundant for luxury yachts and cruise liners in Thailand. Without local knowledge, choosing the right one may be quite challenging. We work with the very best ocean and river cruises/yachts/boats, big or small and can work on the perfect itineraries and vessels, just as you need.

Whether it’s a cruise around Thailand, an expedition amidst the Mangrove forests, a river cruise along the Chao Phraya or a Yacht sailing in Thailand during sunset, Travel Motivations makes your sailing smooth with an onboard host, cocktail reception, and your choice of food, cultural and celebrity celebrations.


Cruise to Thailand to explore stunning beaches like Kata Noi or Koh Lipe and bask in the last rays of the sun in Krabi or Phuket.

Travel Motivation’s luxury cruising experiences add glamour to your lifestyle travel. We work with several respected brands in the yachting industry to provide luxury motor yachts to mega and superyachts. A personalised approach lets you assured to have the best available, from luxury Yacht Wedding Packages, private parties and all sorts of celebrations.

Blend a string of Luxury Concierge services with your Thailand Yacht charter. You would be pleasantly surprised with a host of complimentary services that make your yacht sailing in Thailand, absolutely mesmerising.


Luxury Cruises are available from Bangkok, Koh Samui and Phuket and take you on a lifetime voyage to various countries of Asia.

Explore the most popular destinations in Asia for voyagers looking for the right blend of nature infused with cultural, adventure and cosmopolitan experiences encompassing diverse destinations like
Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, India, Indonesia, South Korea, Japan
and China.