An exclusive way of life - Just what you Need

Travel Motivations is an exclusive Luxury Concierge and Lifestyle Management Service, with a dedicated team to design bespoke personal experiences and implement them on your behalf as your heart wants them to be. They step into your life and do everything you don't have time to do and save the most important thing for you - Time.

Our understanding of your preferences enables us to tailor experiences around your requests, from crafting luxury travel trips, coveted accommodations, and yachts to luxurious charters, locating premium transport options, access to the best restaurants, exclusive celebrity events and a wealth of other lifestyle management services. We passionately embrace your aspirations while delivering on promises, one dream at a time.

As a Thailand specialist concierge, we offer highly personalized travel experiences specially tailored to your every wish and whim and act as your executive assistant, event and project manager to deliver 'Just what you need'.

Few Examples and Highlights of our services

  • Charter Flights
  • Private Jets
  • Helicopter Services
  • VIP Immigration Clearance
  • Supercars/Limousines
  • Luxury Yachts
  • Premium Cruises
  • Recreational & Entertainment
  • Highest star Accommodations
  • Private Travel Arrangements
  • Event Planning & Booking
  • Escort Services
  • Private Butlers
  • Private Chefs
  • Personal Services & Care
  • Dining Services & Reservations


Experience Thailand by exploring tropical rainforests, white sand beaches, bustling cities and spicy food.

We can advise you on sought-after, exclusive destinations and accommodations in Thailand.

Whether your interest lies to enjoy a private island all by yourself or getting indulged in a majestic beach villa or simply live in the best cosmopolitan penthouse that Thailand has to offer, we offer it all and can be booked for days, weeks or by month.

We organise bespoke travel experiences exclusively for you, and source the best SPA & Wellness retreats, private Air charters and luxury cruises to enjoy a VIP lifestyle on your luxury tours to Thailand.


With our working experience with VIPs/celebrities, we understand the impromptu requests of our clients and excel in fulfilling them.

Entrust us with your lifestyle demands from designer clothes delivery early morning to a chauffeur-driven stretched limousine at the end of the day. An ever-ready helping hand is available for personalized local advices and shopping experience, exploring traditional experiences.

To have an entertainment event at the yacht or to organize a table at a celebrity restaurant, a VIP accessed room for a club or upgrade to a premium suite of a much sought-after hotel we do it all at the land of smiles.

We scout for you to find out the best Michelin-rated restaurants in the country and arrange for the best table in the house for your private dinners and events.


Often, enticed by the beauty of the Country, VIPs contemplate to start their business in Thailand for a long term settlement or as a mere passion to extend their opulence in a foreign land.

Be it the purchase of a 5 star deluxe hotel or a fine dinning restaurant, a luxurious villa or an acquisition of existing manufacturing business, we assist you with all legal and operational formalities, mitigating the risks associated with it. We work with our network of contacts and agents to find out the best possible deals that can be negotiated to your satisfaction.

Our team builds the business on your behalf and assists throughout the entire journey -- from business concept to execution of the Project. Business Models, Time frames, deliverables, and management procedures are all kept flexible and mutually agreed upon with our clients, following the unified goal to succeed in Thailand.



The most forward-thinking customers value experience over budget and belief in entrusting their preferences to a team that delivers unparalleled loyalty, discrete engagement and umpteen satisfaction.

Our clients range from celebrities, wealthy entrepreneurs, and high-profile, high-net-worth individuals, to significant wealth-holders from across the globe. Anyone who requires the best of VIP lifestyle amenities at the best price.

Partner with the best luxury concierge in Thailand and experience the luxury lifestyle concierge services that promise to deliver your imagination.

For your luxury travel in Thailand, you can count on Travel Motivations to leverage their industry
networks and preferential relationships with various vendors across Thailand to provide you with 'Just what you need'.