Well, we understand that your precious possession is ‘TIME’ and our focus is to save that for you.

Unlike any travel agents, we, as your Luxury Concierge not only take care of your travel needs but act as your personal assistant to take care of the smallest details that you may need while you are visiting Thailand. From providing a great shopping experience to finding the best Michelin restaurants in town or providing advice on the best places to have a SPA experience, we do it all for you. We work with various suppliers and get you the best possible 

Your trip to Thailand is a small project of its own. Once you appoint us, we become your project manager and fulfil your wish list, with total convenience and flexibility – Just as you Need.

Partner with the best luxury concierge in Thailand and experience the luxury lifestyle concierge services that promise to deliver your imagination. 

We cater to the most forward-thinking customers who value experience over budget. Someone who believes in entrusting their preferences to a team that delivers unparalleled loyalty, discrete engagement and umpteen satisfaction. 

Our clients range from celebrities, wealthy entrepreneurs, and high-profile, high-net-worth individuals, to significant wealth-holders from across the globe. Anyone who requires the best of VIP lifestyle amenities at the best price. 

For your luxury travel in Thailand, you can count on Travel Motivations to leverage their industry networks and preferential relationships with various vendors across Thailand to provide you with ‘Just what you need.’ 

After your initial enquiry, our Thailand Concierge specialist will send you a questionnaire to understand your requirement deeply. You need to pay us a token advance to appoint us as your Luxury Concierge. Once hired, we will send you a selection of proposals for approval. Each proposal will have a clear breakdown of accommodation, transport and other activities as well as the reasons why they have been selected for you. Should you wish to go ahead, you need to book in advance and then relax while our Luxury Concierge Manager will take care of all – Just as You Need.

Since we are catering to select customers and services from Travel Motivations are exclusive, taking a small upfront fee reflects the mutual commitment to work towards the project, in the long term. Once we have an advance from you, our team is assigned to work with you dedicatedly, and full-time to coordinate with all suppliers, get the right proposals and attain the satisfaction required. 

We provide Privacy and Exclusivity – Just as you need. 

We promise to deliver an experience which is as private and discrete as you need. Right from the point you enter Thailand, you are ushered through private, fast immigration clearance and taken to your private limousine or helicopter to reach your destination. Availability of the best, located villa is booked for you and all your other activities are supervised by our Luxury Concierge Manager, as your personal assistant. He is just a call away, from attending to all your requirements from organising clothes to washing to shop the best Rolex or booking an entire resort for your exclusive party. While you enjoy your privacy, all you have to do to get anything organised is to just get in touch with our Luxury Concierge Manager. 

You don’t have to worry at all as you will always have our Luxury Concierge Manager beside you to take care of all your communication needs in Thailand. He would advise you on Thai customs, festivals, rituals, handicrafts, cuisines, shopping etc. He would act as your private guide and interpreter which will minimise the cultural barriers and embarrassment, especially when you have limited time.