Unique ideas to spice up your luxury honeymoon

luxury honeymoon

Travelling and exploring places is surely one of the best things to do. However, this experience becomes beautiful when you set off to travel with your life partner.  Other than enjoying the beauty of the place, the destination has to be magical to bring you two love birds closer. From beaches or mountains to romantic or adventurous, the choice for a perfect honeymoon destination completely depends on your taste, likes and interests. Similarly, the activities that you would want to experience would solely depend on your taste and preferences. Here we suggest a few unique ideas to spice up your honeymoon as a part of our Luxury Concierge Travel services.

  • Enjoy A Romantic Sunrise or Sunset – In the daily routine, sunrises and sunsets merely mean the starting off and signalling the end of an otherwise hectic day. But on vacation, they are magical, especially when it is the honeymoon. With general time constraints and a packed itinerary, witnessing both may be a bit exhausting, but be sure to set aside time to share at least one together, the best would be to start off a day by watching the sun rise together. Wake up early one morning and watch the sunrise from a special spot. The coffee would be made ready for you. 

    In case waking up before dawn sounds like an awful option to you, you can very well opt for the sunset.

    Our bespoke luxury concierge service will make your Luxury Honeymoon in Thailand an affair with some wine as you watch the sunset on an amazing day spent with your new spouse. Seeing a sunrise together brings in a sense of a new beginning and a fresh start for the newly-married couples –  Feeling the romance in the air,  allowing the first rays of sunlight to lighten up the smiles surely enables one to begin the journey on a bright note.

    Our luxury concierge service would arrange a top-notch experience to enjoy the natural beauty in one of the most enthralling locations in Thailand.


  • Hit The Road – We would bring in top-notch wedding planners to arrange for road trips if you are thinking differently about your post-wedding getaway. You need not worry about all of the details. Honeymooners opting for a less traditional trip in favour of a COVID-friendly experience, like renting an RV or driving to explore your favourite state, a national park, or local monuments and beaches, all will be taken care of as a part of our Honeymoon Thailand Packages.


  • Get Adventurous Throughout The Day – If you are looking for something a little more adventurous than laying on the beach get your hearts racing with one of these unique honeymoon activities curated by our travel experts.
      • Tandem Kayaking
      • Environmental Volunteering
      • Scuba Diving
      • Microlight Flights
      • Deep-Water Solo Climbing
      • Couples Canyon Swing


  • Dance The Night Away – Dancing is one of the most fun honeymoon things to do. Dancing with your spouse is an activity that brings two hearts closer and allows a couple to spend more intimate and quality time with each other, especially in today’s world where virtuality has taken over everybody’s senses.


  • Interact With Nature – During the honeymoon silence turns out to be your only true friend. Discovering each other amongst natural beauty and wildlife would be your ideal choice if you and your partner are animal lovers. In Thailand, there are plenty of places of natural beauty including some epic waterfalls, stunning lookout points, and of course beaches.


  • A Helicopter Trip over Koh Chang, for example, would be arranged by us as a part of the Luxury Concierge service to take you to Koh Chang, one of the largest Thai islands that contain dense, steep jungles. You could enjoy the beauties of Mu Koh Chang National Park, a preserve with hiking trails and waterfalls such as tiered Klong Plu, covering the interior and extending to offshore coral reefs.


  • Choose To Cruise With Your Partner – Bespoke cruises will be arranged by our expert tour designers specialist in Cruise Weddings and Honeymoon – be it a romantic tour of the cruises in Phuket that will give you an enchanting view of the entire city or something unique like a cruise on the Yom River – you name it, we arrange it – cruises can be designed to best fit your requirements.


  • Stargaze Through The Night – One can experience a sky full of stars from these gorgeous stargazing spots in Thailand. If the weather gods are kind to you, you will be rewarded with an amazing spectacle in the sky at night. The various spots in Thailand where stargazing can be enjoyed are :
      1. Doi Samer Dao – Nan
      2. Phu Kradueng National Park – Loei
      3. Doi Luang Chiang Dao – Chiang Mai
      4. Khao Yai National Park – Nakhon Ratchasima
      5. Doi Mon Jong – Chiang Mai
      6. Phu Lanka National Park – Payao
      7. Pang Oung – Mae Hong Son
      8. Mor Hin Khao – Chaiyaphum
      9. Lalu – Sa Kaeo
      10. Saphan Daeng Matchanu – Samut Sakhon

Winter is the perfect time to see the stars as the sky is clear. It is the perfect time for you and your beloved ones to plan a stargazing trip during your Honeymoon in Thailand

  • Experience The Luxury – The villas, private pools, sounds of silence, sailing together -We have carefully selected a portfolio of villas and luxury hotels. We exclusively choose properties and people that we trust, so you can relax and enjoy your stay. In our refined portfolio, we present properties that have spectacular views, relaxing spas, tasteful designs and a high level of comfort. We keep in mind your specific needs and preferences in order to match you with the perfect property.


  • Indulge In Festivities – Thailand is a colourful and vibrant country with a diverse culture. Thais celebrate numerous festivals each year. Experience the cultural traditions and lifestyle of Thailand. We would make sure you do not miss out on the fun and festivities with the list of the most intriguing festivals in Thailand.


  • Capture Every Moment – Much like the wedding celebrations continue with the honeymoon, stunning photographic memories are of absolute importance during the honeymoon. It is the time when you are basking in the first glows of marital bliss. We guarantee you will not want to miss capturing it in all its glory, especially when you have travelled somewhere special like Thailand. Our team of photography as a part of our Lifestyle services would ensure you get your precious moments clicked at exquisite locations.


  • Enjoy The Date Night – Love and relationships are more about the little things than the grand gestures that are often planned. On an evening when you both have a little time, you can share a cup of coffee at the nearest cafe to find yourself more connected with them instantly. Do not worry, we would arrange for security and privacy. The classic old coffee shop dates will never go out of style.

Also, we can create intimate, erotic, and adventurous date nights for you. Each date night entails couples coming together, reconnecting, slowing down, tune into each other in really intimate and loving ways.

  • Visit A Winery – Your travel experience would be made worthwhile by visiting one of the local wineries in Thailand and tasting some of the best wines. Some of these wineries will also arrange for the most romantic dinner experience for you – this experience will definitely be one of the best things to do on a honeymoon at night.


  • Wish for eternal togetherness at Loi Krathong Festival in Thailand – The Loy Krathong or the Thai Light Festival is the biggest celebration of the year after the Thai New Year festival. With the night sky covered with brightly-lit lanterns and Krathongs floating on the water, every corner of Thailand brims with the joy and vibrance of the festival.

    We can make arrangements for you to release Krathongs together with your partner to wish for eternal togetherness. Come and be a part of this beautiful tradition when the lighted sky will stand witness to your new journey of marital bliss.


  • Get yourselves a couple’s massage – SPA and Wellness treatments, a speciality of Thailand lets you embrace the simple luxuries of life. Pamper your mind, body and spirit with spa treatments that rejuvenate your soul. We will arrange the best in the business at your service in the midst of an island overlooking the ocean where you can relax as the treatment program takes your mind off the stress. Indulge in the reviving massage after which you can spend some quality time with your love in the private showers, and jacuzzis and enjoy a perfect day spa.

Your wellness is important to us. Apart from spa services, if you are looking for some relaxation on your getaway, look no further. We can coordinate yoga classes, spiritual retreats and more, at your villa or in professional studios and businesses.

  • Sail Off Into the Sunset – Private Yacht with private butler – Lavishly appointed suites, exclusive 24-hour butler service and a dedicated concierge are all part of your private Luxury Yacht Charter in Thailand which will give you exclusivity and privacy in a world of choice. Each suite offers uncompromising luxury with a wealth of exclusive features. You can enjoy the enthralling sunset amidst the vast expanse of the seas in your personal space with all the luxuries provided by your dedicated butler.


  • Hot Air Balloon Ride – Our hot air balloons would make comfortable accommodations for you and your partner which already makes for an intimate experience with your personal balloon and pilot. These packages include your own customised VIP flight ceremony, champagne, and tasty snacks. There is hardly anything better than sharing your own private sunrise or sunset with your new spouse.

If you wish, a photography team can be appointed to capture your mid-air moments of togetherness.

Learn more about the Bespoke Experiences in Thailand that Travel Motivations can offer 



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