The constantly changing business environment, technological advancement, and the long working hours of the working professionals have made Concierge services a fairly recent addition to the luxury industry. Such limitations have resulted in a lack of time in the life of the people. The concierge services business model capitalises on the need of wealthy individuals of either more time or a person who can do the work for them while they free their time for the things that matter. 

Concierge services were earlier used to be restricted to hotels or luxury apartment buildings and assisted guests by making restaurant reservations, arranging spa services, recommending places to visit, booking transportation, etc. But now, these individuals and companies have moved ahead and specialised in many tasks ranging from lining up tickets for concerts or special events, planning a holiday trip, doing shopping errands, restaurant recommendations and reservations, etc.

For ultra-high-net-worth individuals who are looking for highly personalised, exclusive luxury experiences to enjoy with loved ones as well as gain time back in their busy lives, Concierge services are absolutely vital. Such ultra-high-net-worth individuals are accustomed to the finest customer hospitality experiences. Exclusivity and personalisation are at the heart of these experiences as brands seek to fulfil every wish of this sophisticated consumer group.

An edition of ‘The Wealth Report’ commissioned by Knight Frank reports that the number of ultra-high-net-worth individuals (defined as those with $30m or more), around the world is predicted to grow by 27% in the next few years to 2025 taking the population to 663,483. Over the same period, the number of millionaires globally is set to rise by 41%. This projected growth and the desire for experiences over ownership have fueled the demand for personal concierge services amongst affluent consumers. Such customers are looking for highly personalised, exclusive experiences that cater to their every need. The finest attention to detail, comfort, convenience, speed, and emotional fulfilment typically characterise luxury concierge services.


Concierge services are aimed at people who lead busy lives, and who want or need someone to help with running their lives – this service is for people who would rather spend their time actually enjoying life instead of planning to enjoy life. It is also for people who want great service, who want to enjoy an insider’s knowledge and for people who want to be able to gain exclusive services and events access.

People with ultra-high net worth know the importance of having a personal concierge to assist them in creating the life they want – which is why they are willing to pay for the privilege. Here we discuss some of the benefits of having your very own luxury lifestyle manager:

Concierge services arrange every aspect of such a person’s life – aspects which he might not have the time to do or lacks the inclination or expertise to do himself. This service maximises the client’s free time. 

The benefits of a concierge service include freeing up one’s time, offering convenience, making him expert with knowledge and giving him exclusive access.

Personal Attention – Pro-Active Service especially Tailor-made to suit your need and preference

The best concierge services would provide a concierge so that for all requests you would deal with the same person at all times. A dedicated lifestyle manager would learn about your tastes and preferences and figure out exactly what you would need. He would offer a proactive service, pre-empting what you would like to do.

Luxury Lifestyle Concierge Services provide dedicated lifestyle managers that are available round-the-clock for their clients. Over time, this close relationship enables lifestyle managers to understand their clients’ aspirations and anticipate their needs ahead of time, allowing for a truly bespoke service that offers solutions and recommendations personalised to their clients.

The client journey is uniquely tailored for every individual so that each experience is different from the others. Be it a private jet or a few seats at the latest Michelin-starred restaurant, or a yacht ride to enjoy the sunset on a secluded island –  one phone call to the one-point contact takes care of everything. It is this ease and simplicity that ultra-high-net-worth individuals value as much as the experience itself.

Unforgettable experiences 

Personal concierges are in the business of making people happy as they bring joy and purpose to their clients through memorable and enriching experiences that money alone might not be able to buy. Modern concierges have extensive networks which they can tap into in order to provide their exclusive clientele with some of the most ultra-exclusive events and experiences across the world that are otherwise not available to everyone else. From arranging accommodation at exclusive properties in picturesque locations to arranging all Travel (Hotels, Villas, Jets, Experiences) to organising a private dinner on an iceberg – there is very little luxury lifestyle service providers like Travel Motivations cannot do for their esteemed clientele.

Save Time 

Researching holiday destinations, booking hotels and restaurants or sourcing a unique birthday or anniversary gift can be extremely lengthy and arduous tasks. The very premise of private concierge services is to make the lives of wealthy consumers easier and better, It is more likely that ultra-high-net-worth individuals would have very busy schedules and time indeed is their most precious resource.  Access to the best concierge services comes as a saviour because they only provide highly personalised and exclusive experiences but also save time and ease stress.

Provide Global Support and Expertise 

Most reputable concierge service providers have a presence across the world because their clients typically have a jet-setting lifestyle. Indeed, to truly serve their client’s needs, concierges need to be able to assist them fully in whatever destination they will be in.

This extensive network of luxury specialists with deep local knowledge of the language, culture and customs proves indispensable in providing the right support at the right time.

The Convenience

It is not about saving time or offering solutions to a problem one cannot solve himself at times– it is about the convenience of having someone on hand, at the end of the phone or email, to help run the life, enabling one to maximise the free time. It can be as simple as that.

Concierge services –  luxury travel, cultural experiences

VIP Luxury Concierges are some of the most sought-after services by ultra-high-net-worth individuals looking to escape to far-flung destinations with loved ones to create memories for a lifetime.

Specialist teams take care of every aspect of travelling, from Ticketing and Travel, booking flights and Private Jet Air Charters to organising smooth transfers and making priority reservations at the world’s most luxurious properties and resorts, booking Luxury Yacht Wedding Packages at exclusive private islands – the list seems endless.

Concierge for Travel 

A travel concierge would find out what kind of holiday you prefer, what style or design of the hotel, what level of activity you prefer and much more to tailor the perfect holiday for you.

Online travel resources can sometimes be a great source of knowledge, but it is not always possible to know if that recommendation can be trusted or is right for you. Online review sites and guides are often skewed to the middle and lower market and can show a distorted view of the luxury market.

A personal concierge thus becomes one’s own personal guidebook, making sure you get the best out of every trip.

Concierge for Luxury Events

Ultra-high-net-worth individuals want an outstanding level of service when planning luxury events to celebrate life’s important milestones, be it milestone anniversary and birthday parties or a destination wedding celebration.

Such consumers do not just value the experience, they also value saving time and stress and are willing to pay the price to get the job done to their exacting standards.

Creating a highly personalised event experience is absolutely key to meeting the expectations of such high net worth clients – from the venue, theming and décor to the food, drink and entertainment, the whole experience needs to be tailored to the exclusive requirements of the client. Working with a highly reputable events management company that has the expertise to create exceptional bespoke luxury experiences with minimum fuss is extremely important. 

Good luxury concierge companies rope in experiential events companies, who are already accustomed to creating incredible experiences that the clients would love. With the passing of time people are choosing more meaningful ways to share experiences with their loved ones. So companies need to innovate to provide class apart service. 

Grant you Exclusive Access

Luxury Concierges are able to obtain tickets, including VIP and hospitality tickets, to a wide variety of exclusive and sold-out events, including music concerts, theatre and opera performances, sports games, premières, charity balls and events in the world of film, fashion and TV. Music fans, have VIP access to seats and boxes at all major concert venues, so you never have to miss your favourite artist.

Concierge for Luxury dining experiences

Luxury concierge companies create some of the most spectacular event experiences for their esteemed clientele. However, organising special celebrations for this ultra-exclusive group requires a deep understanding of the client, their story and their motivation as well as the means to be able to execute every wish flawlessly. Many ultra-high-net-worth individuals have already experienced the very best in hospitality and entertainment, so their expectations are very high. They place a huge value on their time and are looking for companies they can trust to manage the whole process from start to finish – much like their very own personal concierges.


Ultra-high-net-worth individuals are accustomed to getting the very finest experiences money can buy. They are looking to gain back time by entrusting personal concierges to take care of everything – from highly personalised exclusive luxury experiences to managing their day-to-day affairs. Thus concierge services are becoming increasingly important to this sophisticated group of consumers who value time and convenience as much as they do luxury experiences.

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