Top 7 Golf Destinations in Thailand

Golf Destinations in Thailand

Travelling to Thailand does not force you to forego your favourite leisure activities. Apart from exploring the beautiful beaches and spending romantic rendezvous at luxury villas, Thailand has plenty to offer– including playing golf! Golf is really popular amongst wealthy families from the region. From simple fields to championship golf courses, Thailand has all types of golf courses for all types of players.

Thailand has approximately 250 golf courses to choose from up north down to the peninsular beauty of Phuket. Thus it is not hard to find a place to play a game of golf with the number of choices available, and each of them is a sight to behold.

Thailand makes it an ideal place for golfing as being a tropical destination has its perks. It showcases a vast and unparalleled terrain matched with perfect, sunny weather. The topography is diverse too. It attracts all spectrums of golf enthusiasts from newbies to international elites. Some of the grounds provide simple and easy grounds for beginners. Others offer courses with complex land formations for professionals. Every year Thailand welcomes an increasing number of golfers. Thailand Golf courses are well equipped with facilities like well-designed clubhouses, restaurants and bars, offering even saunas and massage. Thus one of the most coveted components of Luxury Travel in Thailand is Golfing. 

Golf courses in Thailand in unusual places are quite prevalent hence it is often called ‘the Golf Capital of Asia’. One stellar example is the 27-hole course of Lanna Sports Club, right next to a race track or the Kantarat Course which is situated in between two runways at Don Mueang airport in Bangkok. There are several other such unique courses in the country, which are not only unique but also offer affordable and yet customised golf vacations at various courses.

At most golf courses in the Kingdom, it is mandatory to hire a caddy. Caddies are mainly women and help the players through tips about the game as well as read the greens as they are very familiar with the peculiarities of each. Another interesting feature about the golf courses here, the golfers play in six. Around the world, golfers tend to play in pairs or in fours, but Thai golf is a six-person game!

The best location for your golf holiday would depend on what you want to do in addition to playing golf. This is a very important aspect as each of the destinations offers a different experience.

A. BANGKOK, a dynamic cosmopolitan city, offers several world-class award-winning hotels voted amongst the best in the world. There is a huge choice for shoppers, with many modern international-style shopping malls, and also many local markets, selling handicrafts, clothes, watches, perfumes, and a wide array of jewellery. Much of Thailand’s culture can also be found by visiting the many temples and museums that are open to the public.

  1. Bangkok has its very own Thai Country Club Bangkok. This award-winning golf site has state-of-the-art facilities and amazing architectural designs. The layout of the course is diverse despite being near the city centre. Its spacious 7,097-yard field is home to many flora and fauna, giving even experts a hard time in each game. Players, both locals and foreigners alike, go here for a memorable golfing experience.
  2. RG City Golf Club’s vision incorporates as many as 63 golf holes as one connected property, making it the world’s largest pure golf city and the final destination for discerning golfers from around the globe. This masterpiece project has secured approximately 560 acres of land – the biggest in Thailand to accommodate 3 different styles of golf courses meticulously created by the world’s 3 most talented golf course designers. On each golf course, it is guaranteed that your every tee-off will redefine perfection.
  3. Alpine Golf & Sports Club is Thailand’s of finest golf course with over 3 years of proven experience in offering its members a new dimension of golf challenge beyond expectation.
  4. Thai Country Club is one of Thailand’s most prestigious golf courses. Nestled on the outskirts of Bangkok it is an ideal destination for premier golf and associated facilities. The award-winning club is regularly voted one of the top clubs in Asia and has hosted numerous international and domestic tournaments featuring the world’s best golfers.
  5. Ayodhya Links provides an extraordinary experience through its amenities and services. and that is why many of its regular guests consider the place as a masterpiece. Ayodhya Links is suitable for everyone looking for a relaxing quality time as it intertwines exclusivity and excellence. It also is great for deepening their passion and appreciation for the sport. The entire landscape around the golf club is breathtaking with organic approaches surrounding the course with stretches of lush greens and serene bodies of water. It is well suited for beginners as the topography is mostly flat, Again there is quite a bit of a challenge as well as some fairways are close to the lake, making it even more exciting.

B. PATTAYA hosts a wide variety of golf courses with over 20 in the region. Pattaya has evolved into a very vibrant city with a busy nightlife scene and a multitude of bars and restaurants.

Siam Country Club is one of Asia’s finest golf courses. It is a great place to unwind and enjoy leisure time while pampered by the world-class service and atmosphere it provides. There are 4 courses to choose from: Old, Plantation, Waterside, and Rolling Hills. Each delivers its personality that matches different types of players.

C. PHUKET is popular for its beaches and its close proximity to many surrounding islands that are easily accessible.  The island is very well developed and hosts a wide choice of both international and local style accommodation, together with a wide choice of restaurants and entertainment in the evening.

There are many golf courses available with incredible ocean views. In addition to golf, tourist attractions range from coral reef diving, game fishing, elephant riding and sailing trips around the local islands. Phuket is about 50 miles long and 18 miles wide, and the interior supports surviving rainforest and plantations of rubber, cashews, pineapple and coconut. There is a national park with many waterfalls, and you can also enjoy an array of wildlife.

Red Mountain Golf Club is a fantastic option for golf enthusiasts. It stretches to about 6,900 yards in size,  Unique terrains have been incorporated for a variety of challenges to go through each hole. The view is magnificent and everything looks stunning, especially being situated in Phuket. There are dramatic changes in scenery per location. Some have flat surfaces, while others have rugged elevations. The Red Mountain Golf Club is an enjoyable golf course which has won multiple awards.

D. HUA HIN and Cha Am area, located on the western side of the Gulf of Thailand is a fishing village that has developed over the years. It hosts six courses in the immediate vicinity but the development of further courses is well underway with a few due to open soon. The area is extremely popular with both locals and visiting foreigners for holidays. It has successfully incorporated modern luxuries without the commercialism of other resorts, and the area has held back much of its old-world charm. Today it is still a thriving fishing village with its own local fleet on most evenings. During your stay, you can stroll down to the harbour to enjoy the fresh seafood available in many of the fine waterfront restaurants.

  1. Black Mountain Golf Club is a 27-hole, multi-awarded golf course with striking beauty and a well-thought-out field. It is hailed as one of the 100 best golf courses in the world. There are three courses to choose from: North, East, and West. There is an option to play a normal game, have golf lessons, and even attend the Black Mountain Tour Pro.
    For players planning to take a break after a tiring game of golf, Black Mountain Golf Club offers a stay-and-play solution. Reservations can be made in advance to experience a luxury pool villa complete with world-class amenities.


  1. Banyan Golf Course provides spectacular mountain and ocean views from almost all of the holes and is one of the best layouts in Hua Hin. Each hole has six tee boxes making the course more or less challenging depending on each golfer’s ability and tee selection. Strategically placed water hazards, waste bunkers, and sand traps are spread out throughout the course. Significant use of native pineapple groves makes local fruits come into play if straying too far off the fairways. 

E. CHIANG MAI, located in the northern region of Thailand, is one of the oldest cities in the country. Its mountainous terrain provides visitors with breathtaking scenery.  Chiang Mai is host to over ten courses throughout the surrounding area providing visitors with plenty of choices.

The area has six main hill tribes that continue to work the land and have maintained their beautiful customs and crafts. These native tribes each have their own language, religion, culture and dress, and particular way of living off the land.

Immigrants from surrounding countries, with their arts and handicrafts of silver, teak and silk are valued pieces for visitors and locals alike to buy and treasure. Treks to tribal villages in the surrounding hills are a popular attraction. There are also over 300 Buddhist temples in the city; these are some of the finest and oldest temples in the Kingdom.

Chiang Mai Highlands Golf and Spa Resort provide a different kind of rush for golfers with views of its mountainous geography. It is as rewarding as a sweet victory.

The Chiang Mai Highlands Golf and Spa Resorts are one of the best in the region. It is a 27-hole championship golf course designed by award-winning architects. It was heralded with several recognitions naturally.

This is a fun and diverse route that will make each game a pleasure to finish. The club also has 19 resort villas to choose from for comfortable accommodation.

F. ChonburiChonburi is Bangkok’s nearest seaside town. It is located on the eastern coast of the Gulf of Thailand and is about only 80 kilometres from the capital city of Bangkok. The province boasts abundant natural resources, delightful beaches, rich local traditions, and regional delicacies, to name a few. This is the nearest and most popular coastal province where the people of Bangkok head to escape from hectic weekly schedules. Pattaya is also popular with foreigners and Thais alike. Chonburi is the centre of the Eastern Seaboard Development Project, with its industrial parks and Fishing villages.

Chonburi province is well known for its golf course. Some of the best-known golf courses are the Laem Chabang international country club designed by Jack Nicklaus, Amata Spring Country Club, the Siam country club and the Khao Kheow country club.

Amata Spring Country Club, located in Chonburi is one of the most prestigious championship golf courses in Asia. It is a private club that has gained fame since the time it was established. Golfing legend Tiger Woods made an appearance in this very field, making this even more special.

The Amata Spring Country Club has a total of 18 holes. It is home to the biggest golf tournaments in the country, which makes the spot a go-to for every enthusiast. 

They also provide stay-and-play packages featuring Mediterranean-inspired luxury villas for maximum pleasure and enjoyment.

G. Chiang RaiChiang Rai is the northernmost province of Thailand. It is a province that is at the junction point between Thailand, Myanmar and Laos, tourists can view both sides of the Mekong at the Golden triangle. 

Nature lovers would be thrilled with the abundance of natural beauty in Chiang Rai. One can enjoy the sunrise over the Mekong and the sea of ​​mist in the morning at Doi Pha Tang. The cold can be enjoyed with the 360-degree sea view mist at Phu Chi Dao. The beauty of winter flowers at Mae Fah Luang Gardens around Doi Tung Palace is a must-watch. Adventure lovers can go tracing the “13 Wild Boar Caves” event at Tham Luang-Khun Nam Nang Non-Forest Park.

Chiang Rai offers a top-class golf course with spectacular views, without compromising the quality of the golf experience.

Santiburi Country Club Chiang Rai, located in Chiang Rai spreads out in a vast playing field consisting of 18 holes in total.  Each has its own set of obstacles for a fun and exciting tee-off.

They have a scenic restaurant and an energising sauna to cool you off after a long and exhausting day of golf. A prestigious club that is worth going to, and it is noteworthy to know that they have won several awards, as well. Apart from the destinations highlighted above, there are also several golf courses in Kanchanaburi province and areas adjacent to the Khao Yai National Park like the Toscana Valley Golf Club, etc. 

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