Few ideas to make your wedding a lifetime experience in Thailand

Planning a wedding in Thailand has risen as one of the most favourite locations to host a wedding, especially Indian weddings because of many factors, the foremost being the proximity, the varied range of stay options available, the easy logistics and the weather. When one wishes to plan a destination wedding Thailand comes out to be the best option for having the dream wedding. From beaches to hills, cuisines across the globe, from beach resorts to 5-star hotels, all are available easily to suit one’s requirements and budget.

Thailand also called the ‘Land of Smiles’ is truly one of the most visited countries and has always been the favourite of many.

The wedding concierge, or the bridal concierge, is a personal assistant of the wedding couple who advises them and helps them in planning their event. As a part of the concierge service, the couple could appoint a Luxury Concierge expert who can select vendors and venues for them based on the indications received, or find the best ateliers in which to find the right dress. Their activity is parallel to that of a wedding planner who instead follows every phase of the organisation in detail, deals with vendors, manages the budget, and directs and coordinates the wedding day.

Planning a destination wedding through a Luxury Concierge? Look no further. Come to Thailand and be assured that the country and us at Travel Motivations would not let you down in any aspect.

  • Travel in Style – Transportation and transfers – Whether you are looking for the most comfortable and fastest way to get to the destination, or you want to explore Thailand in luxurious vehicles, Travel Motivations has what you need. Travel Motivations organises bespoke travel experiences as a part of Luxury Travel in Thailand in Private Jet Air Charters and luxury cruises where guests would arrive in private jets or chartered planes. Explore Thailand in style with luxury transportation options. We would be the Best Luxury Concierge to travel in Thailand. Our concierge service helps you find the best limousine service, luxury cars, yachts, helicopters, and private jets available in Thailand. One can even choose to opt Luxury Yacht Wedding Packages and have their wedding in style.
  • Privacy – Privacy is given top preference throughout the steps of the events pertaining to the wedding. Hotels, wedding planners and all associated service providers have to sign Non-Disclosure Agreements that would ensure strict privacy that the clients would enjoy.
  • Luxury concierge service – Being the Best Luxury Concierge Thailand, bespoke luxury services are made available that take care of all the special requirements of guests.
  • Wardrobe suggestions – Providing a list of wardrobe suggestions with the invitations will be greatly appreciated as the destination wedding guests can prepare for all the different events they would eventually participate in this adventure.  Let them know the appropriate attire for the ceremony and reception, and also for other events that might have been planned.

Luxury Concierge services run the extra mile to fulfil your desires for the wedding arrangements and keep up to your satisfaction by acting as your executive assistant and project manager to organize everything on your behalf.

Luxury concierge service providers through their Closet Concierge aim to design their comfort and convenience strategies for their valued guests. They guide the wedding couple with the latest fashion trends and help them with their wardrobe selection. Their role does not end here. The aim is to have travellers go light and without any hazards of dealing with complicated packing and luggage norms other than the post-pandemic precautions. Such companies want to come in handy for guests who do not want to carry elaborate packages and luggage. They also add more apparel choices to innovate the rental experience of having different clothes and accessories, all for the consumers to live and enjoy their event more effortlessly.

Renting clothes is a trend that has been on the rise for several years, in tandem with growing mindfulness about the environment and of course, the finances involved. According to wedding designers, the biggest wedding dress trend noticed is a penchant for subverting tradition. Brides are increasingly choosing dresses with colour, or whimsical designs featuring crochet, pleating and 3D floral details. Read More about or article on the Wedding trends for the future that you must be aware

  • Welcome lounge – The welcome lounge becomes a meet & greet area where guests can mingle with one another upon arrival. One can plan to have a selection of items or goodies set up on a table ~ in the form of deconstructed welcome bags. This is a great alternative to stuffing and delivering a gift to the guests. It would be appreciable to have a variety so they can choose their favourite items – Bottles of water and/or wine, Sweet and salty snacks, freshly baked items from a local bakery, fresh fruits, sunscreen and flip flops to suit the destination they have arrived at – these would really come in handy in due course as they start participating in the activities planned – a wedding welcome bag that includes everything that they might need for the perfect cocktail hour or a perfect day at the beach A pre-printed itinerary of all the planned festivities must accompany these to give the guests a better idea of what is in store.

One can plan to provide bags for guests to carry the items to their rooms – it can be a personalised paper bag or a wicker basket that the guest may reuse, it is the perfect way to set the tone for the celebration. Such small gestures would make guests feel appreciated for participating in this special time in the couple’s lives.

To add a fun twist, one might stock welcome baskets with a quiz that leads the guests on a scavenger hunt to the favourite haunts – the best little bakery, a scenic park and the like.

  • Personal welcome notes – A lovely “We are so glad you are here to celebrate with us” placed in each room will let the destination wedding guests know how much it means to you as a couple that they have made the journey and are participating in your joy.
  • Provide suggestions for fun “downtime” activities – When there is an energetic crowd, they would not want to waste a moment of the trip. To make things simple for them, draw up a list of fun activities they can do in their free time. One must think of a variety that can include most tastes: local artisan shops to visit, hiking/bike paths to explore, museums, golf courses, and scenic spots to snap the perfect photo.

    With the country of destination weddings being Thailand, one would be spoilt for choice as there are numerous things to explore – the pristine beaches, and forest hills back end which add more vibes to the wedding ceremonies.

  • Organise special events – Luxury Lifestyle Concierge Services would arrange some adventurous sports for the guests like scuba or can arrange a visit to the high-end mall, Buddhist temples or special Thai spa treatments to the guests as a ‘Thank You gift, an afternoon at a distillery, a round of golf, a jeep ride into the jungle, an excursion to a leather factory and the list goes on.  Arranging these fun perks for the guests would include everyone in both cultural and ritual activities.

Thailand is a stunning destination that is warm and cosy all year round, making it an ideal wedding destination suitable for everyone.

  • Guests Love a Little Photo Booth Fun – Set up a mini photo studio at the reception for guests to pose and have fun in front of the camera. Send their photos with personalised thank you cards for a fun surprise. GIF photo booths are much in vogue these days—add your wedding hashtag to encourage attendees to spread the love.
  • Private butlers and private chefs – Private Butlers are roped in for a variety of events, their roles include services such as; food and beverage service, cocktail making, guest welcomes and check-ins, event set up and clear down, afternoon tea service, drinks reception service and general housekeeping.

All services can be tailored to best suit the wedding couple and the guests to create the perfect luxury experience. Each of the butlers who would be selected is skilled at hosting prestigious events for the world’s most high-class clientele, with their keen eye for detail, and personalised service. They have been in high demand over the years.

  • Celebrity attendance and performances – Celebrities who perform at selected high-profile weddings in exchange for a fee can be invited.  This adds glitz to the wedding, making the special event all the more extravagant

Luxury Concierge services run the extra mile to fulfil your desires for the wedding arrangements and keep up to your satisfaction by acting as your executive assistant and project manager to organize everything on your behalf.

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