Wedding trends for the future that you must be aware

Post the Covid-19 pandemic, the concept of a dream wedding is now redefined and is all about thoughtfulness, personalisation and celebrating with loved ones.

The wedding boom is here and couples are ready to celebrate their weddings in the coming years like never before. Weddings are looking more like what they used to with larger guest lists, destination events, and big design moments. It is also being seen that couples are generally making everything more intentional, focusing on the guest experience, creating more personalised details, and spending more money per guest to make them feel really included in the experience. 

Working with wedding planners does not always give the best satisfaction, but working with a Luxury concierge does because they can provide unbiased advice to their clients and can work with multiple suitable vendors that is just right for you.

Amid these new-age weddings, here is a detailed list of millennial wedding trends to keep an eye on in the future –  

  1.  Breaking Tradition –  More couples are deciding to do things in a more nontraditional way. They are opting for Out-of-the-box destinations and planning culinary surprises. Luxury concierge services are helping couples plan out-of-the-box extravagant yet intimate weddings with crescendo moments.
  2.  Big Parties – While many have opted for micro-weddings in the past few years, big parties are back. There is an abundance of almost everything when it comes to choices to make every wedding a dazzling and once-in-a-lifetime experience. Big statement floral installations and focal points, bigger and more over-the-top design elements are expected to dominate the wedding decor scene as anticipated by top wedding planners
  3.  Intimate Weddings – While some couples are choosing extravagant events, others have come to embrace the intimacy of a micro-wedding. Clients want to create cosy spaces and a sense of familiarity at their weddings. Wedding designers are building little partitioned nooks in a large spaces, incorporating dining ‘booths’ in addition to tables and chairs, and designing a series of sheltered lounge areas. These are some of the ways that planners are making private parties and celebrations to make weddings more intimate and personal.

The event planning business offers services ranging from consultation calls to help select the party destinations and give advice on the general direction theme of the festivities to sample itineraries including luxury tours with specific and personalised suggestions and activities for the group and full-service planning where all activities, transportation, accommodations and more are coordinated. From live tweeting about the wedding to planning the bachelorette party, these expert planners offer one-of-a-kind services that would make your wedding a truly cherishable experience.

  1. Destination Weddings – After two years of staying domestic, many couples are currently opting for weddings at international destinations. The couple, the wedding party and their guests are flown to a country of their choice, and stay for about a week, where all activities related to that wedding take place.

    Thailand wedding destination is one of the most popular choices amongst couples opting for destination weddings. Thailand has made large strides in its hospitality and tourism industry over the past decade. Hence, each one of its cities, be it, Bangkok, Pattaya, Koh Samui, Hua Hin, Krabi, Phuket, or Chiang Mai can serve as the perfect venue for a premium destination wedding. Thailand is particularly well suited for Indian weddings. Whether it is long multi-day functions or an intimate ceremony, Thailand has the venues for all of it.

The natural beauty of the country with its breathtaking locations makes it a perfect setting for a memorable wedding for any couple. With a special feature of offering

Thailand Luxury Concierge Services plan and execute extravagant weddings to create memorable moments of a lifetime.  From making arrangements for travelling by chartered flights, putting up at exotic villas and resorts, and everything to do with the Travel (Hotels, Villas, Jets, Experiences)  be assured to get everything with the extra wow factor by our luxury lifestyle concierge services. 

  1. Full Wedding Weekends – With welcome parties, daytime activities, and day-after brunches, many weddings are expanding their scope outside of the simple ceremony and reception. Weddings that are multi-day experiences result in an unparalleled and authentic spirit of community, as guests have more opportunities to meet one another, get to spend time together and make memories, such events make one feel more immersive and celebratory.
  2. Colourful Décor – Colour and bright designs seem like the outward manifestation of the joy we are all feeling as we start seeing the light at the end of the pandemic. Thus the decor scenes at upcoming weddings are expected to be a burst of colours, as per the experts.
  3. Unique Tabletop Design – Unlike in earlier days, all eyes will be on the tablescapes at receptions, predicts wedding designers. The curated focus is on the tabletop and less on the ceiling – The flowers, dishes, and details that sit in front of the guests throughout the event are sure to be appreciated.
  4. Unique Guest Experiences – From planning surprise moments with celebrity impersonators and pop-up performances to personal welcome notes and thoughtful gift bag items, couples are making plans to ensure that guests experience the weekend in a way that promotes connection is of the utmost importance. Wedding experts help them to plan and execute such bespoke event organisations. Fabulous pop-up boy band performance, a headliner, or a broadway set in the middle of dinner, surprising the guests with a major musical moment is a trend that everybody would love. The aim is to have guests depart the weekend feeling delighted and cared for and with specific memories that will last a lifetime.
  5. Sustainability – Sustainability seems to be the trend of the hour as more and more people are starting to incorporate sustainable elements into their weddings by selecting vendors with greener production, selecting a plastic-free caterer, using online save-the-dates and invitations, gifting Eco-friendly favours and recycling and donating the flowers after their special day.

Wedding Lifestyle 

  • Champagne Towers – One particularly fun cocktail trend this year is the champagne tower. Champagne towers have made a comeback recently. They are a more engaging way to make a toast. People can also get experimental and try some cocktail mixes.
  • Pearls – A resurgence of the use of more and more pearls is being seen In fashion
  • Candles – The use of lots of candles is being seen and it really sets the romantic mood. Setting up candles in the entryway, on tables, down the aisle, and almost over the floor where the ceremony takes place creates a super warm, cosy vibe with some awesome shadows and a romantic candle flickering. Candles definitely add a special warmth to the decor and ambience
  • Unique Lighting – 2022 has seen the trend of using cool lighting in general. Awesome bulbs hanging from the ceiling create a romantic mood for the actual ceremony and then sets the party mood for the reception.
  • Simple, modern signage – Signages using clean, classy and easily readable fonts and crisp messages are much in vogue.
  • Twilight wedding – A twilight wedding is a perfect choice for couples who are looking to get married in autumn or winter and want to create something magical. The evenings get darker quicker, and this provides the most beautiful backdrop for the special day.
  • Elopements – An elopement does not always mean the sensuous sneaking out of the couple alone – couples are choosing that once-in-a-lifetime party with all their loved ones too.
  • Wedding dress rental – Renting clothes is a trend that has been on the rise for several years, in tandem with growing mindfulness about the environment and of course the finances involved. According to wedding designers, the biggest wedding dress trend noticed is a penchant for subverting tradition. Brides are increasingly choosing dresses with colour, or whimsical designs featuring crochet, pleating and 3D floral details.
  • Unique honeymoons – To travel and explore places is surely one of the best things to do. However, this experience becomes beautiful when you set off to travel with your life partner.  Other than enjoying the beauty of the place, the destination has to be magical to bring you two love birds closer. From beaches or mountains to romantic or adventurous, the choice for a perfect honeymoon destination completely depends on your taste, likes and interests. Similarly, the activities that you would want to experience would solely depend on your taste and preferences. Read about some unique ideas that we recommend for your honeymoon. 
  • Upcycling – Upcycling is already popular with many couples and is set to be a growing trend in the coming years. Upcycling means reusing and repurposing items you already own or have bought second-hand that can be applied to lots of different parts of a wedding. One can wear a vintage wedding dress for him to walk up the aisle, reuse bunting from a local school fete or buy the cake stands and vases from a charity shop.

With a little love and imagination, a lot of such second-hand items can be transformed into stylish and unique decorations, accessories and outfits. This can be a great way to keep the wedding within budget, reduce waste and bring out your unique personality on your big day.


Technology usage

  • Virtual Wedding Planning – This is a handy tool for venue planning, but an absolute lifesaver for destination weddings, which have become all the more popular. . Out-of-state and out-of-country weddings have put a strain on the planning component when it comes to layout and decor. This is no longer an issue with wedding planners now being able to communicate, design, and plan from remote locations. The guesswork and gambling are completely removed from the equation with 3D modelling to pull all of this off. With some clever wedding apps designed to keep you organised, all of your wedding planning will be a breeze.
  • Modern Tech Wedding Rings – The traditional wedding ring is receiving some technological upgrades. Modern high-tech wedding rings are the new wearables, allowing you to pair them with your favourite apps and track just about anything with your body like heart rates and sleeping patterns. One can also now get their hands on a wedding projector ring. Shine a light through the hidden lens of this attractive virtual visualisation tool and browse your wedding photo album on any surface.
  • Stylish And Smart Bracelets That Track Your Move – For those who would not like wearing wedding tech on your finger, a smart bracelet is probably more of your choice. Elegant, comfortable, and also a great way to avoid staring at your phone during the ceremony.
  • Just like the ring, you can connect to all of your help apps and customise the notifications to connect with your apps and friends exactly how you want to.
  • Wedding Drones To Make Cool Photos & Video – The use of drones are not exactly new, but the way they are used at receptions and ceremonies surely are. Wedding drones can be used to get amazing close-ups and never-seen-before angles.
    They can also act as a substitute for the ring bearer or can be used to hold the veil train. Being super agile, what you can do with a wedding drone is really only limited by your imagination. There is really so much one can do with these cool technology photos.
  • Live Streaming Your Big Day – With all of the inexpensive high-quality imaging and social media advancements, live wedding streaming is now available.
  • 3D Printing Possibilities – 3D wedding design has come a long way and would make an excellent addition to your wedding tech toolbelt. Couples and wedding professionals are using 3D tech to shop for the perfect venue using 3D virtual tours, plan their perfect decor using beautiful 3D mock-ups, and create lifelike cake toppers for the bride and groom using 3D printing.
  • Light Projections On The Wedding Cake – With Disney introducing the concept of light-projecting to us with their line of digital projection wedding cakes, this trend is surely gaining popularity. The guests would be awestruck as a dazzling display of lights and colour danced their way across the wedding cake. There are many orchestrated designs to choose from, and plenty more popping up each week.

    The 3 categories to keep an eye on – according to business trends are 3D printing, Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality and artificial intelligence. In one way or another, it will see all of these enhance the bridal experience: 

      • high tech wedding favours
      • robots for wedding activities
      • interactive wedding invitations
      • new forms of interactive entertainment and decor
      • real-time playlists that adjust the songs according to what the crowd is responding to.

We always have our eye out for new trends and technology, and we would let you know the moment that we find something new and exciting. For bespoke wedding arrangements, do contact us and rest assured to make your wedding a lifetime experience for you and your guests.

Working with wedding planners does not always give the best satisfaction, but working with a Luxury concierge does because they can provide unbiased advice to their clients and can work with multiple suitable vendors that is just right for you.



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