Types of Professional Concierge Services

A concierge offers personal assistance on almost all aspects –  from household management to chauffeur services – in exchange of a remuneration. In this technological revolution, people become too busy with their daily work. In todays’ fast-paced life, people do not have enough time for running their errands. They seek for someone to do their errands and work on their schedules. This is where concierge services come into play and make profits. They plan clients’ errand on behalf of them, work on their convenience and care about clients’ every need if it is fair, honest, legal and ethical. The desire for experience over ownership in this era of digital technology is driving modern concierge companies to deliver exceptional services round the clock to its affluent clientele.

Some of the tasks that a typical concierge service arranges or performs are listed below:

  • Arranging transportation services and booking all needs
  • Sourcing tickets for concerts, movies, and provide special event access
  • Recommending and making restaurant and hotel reservations
  • Planning itineraries and making Travel (Hotels, Villas, Jets, Experiences) arrangements
  • Provide Pet care
  • Bespoke Senior citizen care
  • Recommending and delivering curated gifts and flowers
  • Running errands such as grocery shopping, dry cleaning, laundry services
  • Sourcing special items like antiques and paintings on demand 

Types of concierge services

A few decades back, only hotel concierge were in demand. But due to digitization in this service, it has expanded in various other sectors. Discussed below are the top areas where these services are most used, in-demand and raising from inception.

  1. Lifestyle concierge – Lifestyle Concierge is a personalized service that imparts assistance in important aspects of lifestyle services like  taking care of family, personal, and professional lifestyle. The service covers the required matters allowing the customers to enjoy more.  These services cover all areas required to manage the whole lifestyle of a client, where they can give more importance to where they want to enjoy most. The client here outsources their personal chores to an agency, request for lifestyle manager and pay on a monthly basis.

Task of lifestyle concierge

  • Personalize assistance
  • Errand-running
  • Transportation arrangements
  • Event planning
  • Life administrator
  • Personalize shopping
  • Dining
  1. Medical concierge – Medical concierge service is specially designed for senior citizens, injured people and child cares. Many people use this kind of service for monthly care and checkups. Medical concierge service is specially designed for a winning business model. It works on a pay flat and get personalized enhanced care, business model. This service is enabled for both Doctor and Patients – as a doctor needs to handle a huge number of patients and patients need routine care and treatments from a doctor.

This is one of the best winning business models because through this service, concierge get paid high from one thousand to ten thousand dollars depending on clients. Also, this service is not covered by health insurance policies. So, starting this service is worth for business and to get a high ROI.

Task of medical concierge

  • Answer telephones
  • Attend to patients and doctors needs and address them accordingly
  • Add, delete and update patients records
  • Fill insurance form
  • Handle billing expense
  • Schedule and reschedule appointments
  • Keep inventory ready to supply
  1. Business concierge – Business concierge is one of the expensive concierge services compared to other services due to a lot of demands. Because here concierge needs high-level corporate knowledge for handling business chores. This becomes a win-win business model, if there is an able team to execute. The service is used by professionals and c-level executives from IT companies’ mostly.

Task of business concierge

  • Recruitment
  • Business transportation
  • Handle clients meeting
  • Track financial reports
  • Industry research
  • Billing and expense management
  • Arrange, schedule and reschedule meetings
  • Recommend new business ideas
  1. Hotel concierge – In Hotel concierge service, retainer from hotel or restaurant assist, guides and provides solutions for guests’ problems. A good hotel concierge almost provides solution to the personal problem faced by a guest in the hotel or resort. Hotel concierge service assures about every need to get addressed and solves problems on demand. The overall goal is to provide personal assistance, a pleasant experience and increase reputation.

Task of hotel concierge in Hotel

  • Transportation arrangements
  • Recommend place to visit
  • Health and fitness care
  • Safety check
  • Assured enjoyment
  • Fix sticky problems
  1. Travel concierge – Travel concierge service is highly in demand and the demand seems to be constantly rising. The service is gaining popularity from traveller to business people alike. From this service, clients get an expert opinion and necessary information both online and offline about different travel destinations. People opt for this service mostly when travelling abroad for business or for leisure time when they look for a local and experienced Luxury concierge travel company. This service has agreements with local restaurants, transport provider and famous place, to provide a timely, safe and reasonable journey to tourists.

Typically, a travel concierge acts as the personal travel assistant.It is meant to make one’s travel easier, comfortable, and stress-free.

Task of travel concierge

  • Drive the client to the hotel
  • Translate and assist in understanding the local language
  • Restaurant booking
  • Healthcare
  • Solve unpleasant problems
  • Recommend places to visit
  • Booking tickets for local places to visit
  • Assure a safe and joyful journey to the client
  1. Wedding conciergeWedding Concierge is the most important one for the past few decades. Clients usually hire the service for a few hours or before a few days, getting huge pay. The aim of this type of service is to plan a wedding by providing a different level of services package and options.

Bride/Grooms/Parents request type of services based on their budget and niche requirements. The concierge has enough experience to do pre-wedding plan and arrange all necessary needs before 10 hours so that the wedding event goes smooth without any dilemma.

Plan for special packages like Destination Weddings, Cruise Weddings & Honeymoon, Wedding – yacht party and boat party and the likes.

Task of wedding concierge

  • Pre-in-post wedding plan
  • Venue organize with necessary layout
  • Solution to the guest problem
  • Food and soft drink serve
  • Health safety
  • Arrangement of music, dance and other activities
  • Grooms and bride makeup
  • Transportation arrangements
  • Electricity and other accommodations
  • Pre-wedding and in-wedding photography and videography
  1. Learning concierge – Learning concierge service is where specialists and experts come together and launch custom programs. It includes coaching about child development, self-improvements, post-school class, and much more for both parents and children.This service is right now most in demand where specialist and experts launch custom programs for individual or group of people. This service is available for parents and children both i.e. parents get coaching about child development and children get coaching about self-improvements, private class, post-school class and much more. This trend booming in the market and never-ending business.

    Task of learning concierge
  • Parents coaching
  • Early child development
  • Private tutoring
  • Test preparation
  • Post-school study
  • Summer field trips
  1. Chauffeur concierge – Chauffeur concierge service is regarded as one of the most expensive of all the services. It provides the best experience in entertaining guests or celebrities from hotels, events, buildings, or any other location. Here individual or agency provide a retainer to the apartment building, multi-tenant building, hotel, events who receive guests and celebrities. This service is totally personalized for private clients to provide the best experience and a sophisticated journey.

Task of chauffeur concierge

  • Chauffeur-drive
  • Reservation of meal
  • Health and fitness safety
  • Club reservation
  • Evening amusements
  • VIP nightlife

In a nutshell, concierge tends to be the services that one can outsource through a firm or a company. One only needs to pay some amount and get the best services according to the need and demand. Amongst the different types one can choose according to his requirement.

Some people need a personal assistant to run errands, or some people need to do professional tasks. Moreover, many people who want to plan their wedding can also choose concierge services.

Additionally, one can take the services to plan any tour and also get the reservation and booking hotels done through them. They do not need to spend their precious time on such kinds of things.

By getting concierge services, an affluent can make his life easier, happy, and healthier in so many ways.

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