Concierge Services in Medical Tourism in Thailand

An emerging trend that has now become a phenomenon is that an increasing number of patients travel to places a great distance from their homes to seek medical procedures. Medical services are rapidly evolving for both national and international providers. New models on how to properly deliver 21st-century medicine to patients who seek treatment outside of their hometowns or home countries are extensively being explored. Many of the new models unlike traditional ones advocate providing quality care at low costs and amenity services. Even though every model has a different mix of concerns the common thread is the delivery of services with a focus emphasized upon the issue of competing in a global market. Nevertheless, medical tourism has been and will continue to be an important part of the delivery of medical services in today’s world.‍

To elevate the quality of care in medical tourism concierge services are becoming increasingly available in many medical tourism destinations. A hired concierge would assist clients with various activities including 

  • Arranging bespoke medical services
  • Specially priced accommodation in 4* and 5* hotels
  • Chauffeured drives
  • Personal shopping
  • Translation services
  • arranging transportation 
  • restaurant reservations 
  • appointments for spa services
  • procurement of Exclusive Events Tickets
  • recommendations and Travel (Hotels, Villas, Jets, Experiences) arrangements for tours to local attractions

To stay afloat in the competitive world of business and be competent within a global market medical tourism destinations sought to offer concierge services that focus on the quality of care and enhancement of client relationships. Research shows that three entities can be identified as key areas for the development of concierge services. They are physicians, hospitals and programs for patients family and friends.


Concierge medicine or concierge healthcare emphasizes the accessibility and immediate attention that a physician may provide to patients. A physician needs to be 24-hour accessible by phone email text message or pager. Physicians are encouraged to offer free check-ups provide preventive care and electronic medical records coordinate with fitness and nutrition providers recommend personalised wellness programs to clients and attend specialist appointments with patients. Key elements identified by examining the role of physicians in concierge services are:

  • Accessibility
  • Exclusive services
  • Integrate treatment with caring programs


Global Concierge Company of repute seeks to coordinate with hospitals and arrange appointments and medical consultations by sending medical reports and inquiries to the competent hospitals to provide a complete treatment plan including the expected cost and duration of treatment.

Program for Family and Friends

A common theme among concierge services is the special treatment and services associated with simplifying life and providing exclusiveness to treatment. However, often one important element is missed among these services – programs designed for families and/or individuals who are companions of the patients. These individuals are often thought of as ancillary to services that are provided. They are most important because the patient is concerned about their loved ones and how they are treated. There is evidence that when these services are provided it helps with patient recovery.

Travel agents or ground operators can usually provide individualization of services. They usually bring services together that meet and take care of the individual needs of patients and their visitors. It is the coordination of those amenities and their personalization by travel agents or ground operators that make the greatest impact on client satisfaction.

Recommendation for the Development of Concierge Services

Top-notch Physicians- The client is seeking the best physician to provide quality of treatment. Physicians affiliated with universities or research hospitals are on the cutting edge of medicine. Their research reputations may help individuals to make a proper decisions.

Though a prospective client may visit any website to read peer reviews posted for every doctor but this is only available to the medical practitioner in a particular country. The criteria used for certification are available but vary by nation. Certification does not ensure the quality of service. Thus research conducted by a prospective patient is essential to obtain the quality and level of service that they expect. 

Concierge services can help a patient off this hurdle of doing research and ease out the selection process of choosing physicians. 

‍Reputable Hospitals- There are two major components for a successful hospital: one is the reputation and the other is the certification that its professionals profess to provide the best services. One critical element for reviewing a hospital is how its staff provides quality services. Concierge companies can intervene and help the patient to settle with the best choice of hosiptal. 

‍Concierge Programs for Recovery-  Proper recovery is essential for healing. There are three key elements for one’s recovery-  the quality of rehabilitation the environment and families and friends. Concierge for families and friends is the least explored element in medical tourism because it involves mixing and matching of services that make the primary difference.

A great deal of research has been done on how to enhance the quality of rehabilitation. Standard procedures in operation have been established based on criteria created by professional organizations and their recommendations. Research on the recovery environment is in progress in terms of designing and functioning.

But many of the recovery environments are institutional. One of the benefits of medical tourism is to offer a client a relaxed setting within a pleasant environment. In this kind of environment, recovery is enhanced with family and friends. This adds another dimension to the healing process. The last two elements discussed above hold potential especially related to positive attitudes toward healing processes.

‍Post Recovery/Education- Post-recovery is designed as a prevention phase. This is the educational process provided to the patient and the family and friends to help the individual plan their future and change their lifestyle to prevent further problems.

Most times the educational process is provided but there is very little follow-up to ensure or continue the process to help the individual realize their goals. This type of follow-up allows for building relationships with clients and often makes a difference in retaining clients for future services.

Medical Tourism Scenario in Thailand in the post-COVID-19 Era

Thailand has taken gradual steps to reopen for medical tourism, allowing limited numbers of people to enter the country for treatment since the end of July 2020. Rigorous protocols are being maintained for medical tourists and all necessary anti-infectious measures are being adopted.

Future Opportunities in Healthcare

Thailand is going through a demographic transition where nearly a fifth of the population is currently above the age of 60 – this would likely jump to 22% by 2024. In healthcare, increased age brings along a host of complex ailments. Recent studies propose that the healthcare system offering “smart care” is the solution – a strategic deployment of advanced technology to derive tangible value. 

The three ‘P’s need to be worked upon by the hospitals for a smart transformation -: 

  • People, the staff must be educated on how to make the best of new technology
  • Process, where the workflows are optimised using a range of blockchain, AI and robotics applications.
  • The Programme, where the types of equipment are upgraded for better efficiency. 

Strategic investment in these three areas could benefit the Thai healthcare system for both domestic demands as well as for the growing pool of international medical tourists as well.

Concierge services in medical tourism in Thailand by Travel Motivation

As part of the 360-degree customized patient services, we at Travel Motivation would offer a hassle-free experience. You can completely rely on us for a safe transit from the airport to the hospital and the drop back. We will make all travel arrangements – be it any vehicle of your choice or an ambulance, if needed, with a dedicated Relationship Manager. We take the complication out of healthcare in Thailand by providing you with approved options for doctors and specialists from accredited hospitals, clinics, and wellness centres across the country. Our attention extends even during the actual hospitalization -with our executives dedicated to the patient’s happiness and also translators from our team being present in the hospital we work with to provide personal care over and above what would be provided by the hospital staff. They can also help you with accommodation, local transport, sightseeing etc. besides helping you with your medical care.

Taking care of you in Thailand

When you are not feeling your best, looking out for the help that you need can pose even more stress. Travel Motivation comes in right here. Our dedication is your well-being. With  industry-specific knowledge, we remove any guesswork out of the equation – so that you can focus on just getting better.

From the moment you first contact us, right through the medical procedure tenure to aftercare and follow-ups, we are by your side every step of the way. Whether your treatment involves one doctor or several, we source, liaise and book everything for you, meaning that all that you have to do is get yourself there.

Feeling unwell, overwhelmed and confused by the healthcare system in Thailand? Don’t worry further. Reach out now, let us help you.

In conclusion, concierge services are playing an increasingly important role in the field of medical tourism in Thailand. As patients travel long distances to seek medical procedures, the need for personalized and comprehensive support has become evident. Concierge services offer a range of amenities and assistance, including arranging medical services, accommodation, transportation, translation, and entertainment. They cater to the needs of patients, their families, and friends, aiming to enhance the overall experience and promote recovery. The involvement of top-notch physicians, reputable hospitals, and dedicated programs for recovery and education are crucial for the success of concierge services in medical tourism. Thailand, with its reopening for medical tourism and focus on smart care, presents significant future opportunities in the healthcare sector. 

Travel Motivation, a leading provider of concierge services, ensures a hassle-free experience for patients, offering personalized care and assistance throughout their medical journey. With their industry-specific knowledge and attention to detail, they alleviate stress and help patients focus on their well-being. Whether it’s coordinating medical appointments or providing support during hospitalization, Travel Motivation is dedicated to ensuring the best possible care for patients in Thailand’s medical tourism industry.

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