Personal Touch at Your Destination Wedding

Personal Touch at Your Destination Wedding

A destination wedding is a unique option when two people decide to say “I do.” The trend of celebrating one’s wedding at a special destination is becoming increasingly popular. Of all the destinations that people choose for their weddings, Thailand is a popular choice as it is both romantic and beautiful with Phuket and Koh Samui making the perfect venues for a dream destination wedding on a tropical island. From mesmerising views to the best event managers, Thailand has it all. There are several amazing places to tie the knot when it comes to Thailand wedding venues. From Phuket to Koh Samui and Chiang Mai, Thailand has had couples choosing to have their love celebrated in all of these locations. 

During a destination wedding, being away from home does not mean one can’t put a personal touch on the wedding ceremony and reception, either. Once you have found the wedding package that speaks to your heart, enhance the celebration with artful, personalised touches that make an unforgettable difference.  From bridesmaids’ bouquets to a steel drum band to your very own team of professional videographers, you can customise your special day. 

Without a personal touch at your destination wedding, some great ideas might look faded. Hiring a babysitter for your friend’s baby will be remembered for a long time. Goodie Bag with a thank you note will add warmth to your gift.  A pickup from the airport with the car having your monogram can bring relief to the guests. They don’t have to bother about the way to the wedding venue after that. 

There are lots of different ways to incorporate traditional family traditions into the big day, no matter where it takes place. When it comes to personalising your wedding events, even the sky is not the limit. 

We at Travel Motivations can suggest some ideas on how to incorporate a traditional spin while making it an easy and fun process for you. In this blog, we will share some simple ways how to add personal touches to your destination wedding.: 

  1. Thoughtful and Unmatched Invitations – To add uniqueness to the wedding, one should consider avoiding generic invites and sending standard invitations. A little introspection – what is your story, what is the love about, what makes you two special together – the answers to such questions would lead to personalised invites. 

A Luxury Lifestyle Concierge Services a Global Concierge Company provides can help you design and incorporate your ideas on your invitation card. You should not just settle for good design and ideas – you can plan to include caricatures on the wedding invitation cards to baffle the guests upon seeing the imitations of you two on paper or digitally as an e-invite.

  1. Bespoke Wedding Vows – One should not just be limited to traditional vows at the wedding. He can well consider including vows that he and his best half both have written for each other. It should be crisp and concise with chosen words and should not be too long. It can be a small message or a poem that you might want to recite in front of your family and friends. The message can be creative in conveying these special vows and messages by developing innovative ways to say things to each other.
  2. Personal Messages – It is a great idea to get your friends and family to write personal messages for you, and raise a toast in front of everyone at your reception soiree. With a special message session, one would get to hear what everybody has to share about how they have been with the couple. 

Some innovative ways can be incorporated to store these messages, like in bottles or a jumbo box.

A wedding goodie bag for the guests at the destination wedding has become a must when the guests arrive at the venue. This is a good surprise when goodies are placed in the room. This could have chocolates, miniature drinks, some snacks, the options are plenty. Make sure the goodie bag has things that they can utilize within the wedding. It is not a takeaway home gift, which would be separate. You should also put a personalized note welcoming them. You can also put details of what’s coming ahead.  

  1. Get Custom with Attire – Some creative inputs from experts to get bespoke with designs, colours, and textures to add to your wedding attire is a brilliant idea to create an edge. A customisable footwear, paired with an heirloom as an additional accessory would present a  creative and communicative approach towards your partner, thus making it all the more unique and special. 
  2. Wedding Rings – Couples planning to give a special edge to the wedding should not just limit their choice of rings to what is displayed under the transparent glasses. Rather, consulting a jewelery designer to design a custom ring that defines you two and no one else in this world would be a good decision. Roping in a VIP Luxury Concierge company would make the process much smoother. 
  3. Exceptional Wedding Reception – A unique wedding starts with the reception. A wedding should reflect you, your tastes and your life story so far. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to do this. Whether sipping tropical cocktails on the beach at sunset or indulging in local delicacies in the lush gardens of the resorts, numerous exquisite reception packages ensure that you will have the wedding of your dreams.

Planning a beautiful seating arrangement for the guests can create a difference. Generally, everyone is seen setting up a stage for the couples to be seated, you need not join the league. Bend a few rules and create something different. As a couple, you can personally visit each of these tables separately and receive their blessing & wishes. This is one creative way to look at things and be innovative with them — you just need some creative juice soaked in your head.

  1. Food and Drinks – One of the biggest aspects to consider when planning a wedding are food and drinks. Check with the concierge to arrange the family’s favourite meals to be incorporated into the menu. Another option is taking one of your favourite traditional meals, downsizing it and using it as an appetizer. Hiring a celebrity chef will ensure not only great food but he will add a presentation to serve the food. You could also share some recipes from your family vault. It is something you cook, favourites from your mom, and granny.  Our team will sit with you and understand the recipe. The chef will take charge of the recipe and cook as you like at home. The same food might have been enjoyed by your friend and family. This will bring lots of memories and joy.

Signature cocktails are also a fun idea for incorporating one’s own culture into the wedding. Raising a “thank you” toast with wine imported from your family’s country of origin or choosing a cocktail that has liquor from your hometown such as tequila or vodka – it sure is going to create a difference. The recipes of these cocktails can become memorabilia whenever you make these cocktails later in life.  Do invest some monies in creating a bar. The bar is the central attraction at your wedding. Most of the guests will be around the bar area. Our onboard team can create a unique bar setup depending on your budget. 

  1. Décor and Fashion – It is always great to choose colours or decorations that represent your heritage. Even small touches on décor can make a big impact on the overall atmosphere. Likewise, add your culture’s fashion trends to what you wear. Bring in a bohemian look with a hairpiece or create a flower crown to wear with your dress.

If you need to incorporate your family’s heritage into your wedding day, there are plenty of ways to do so. Your luxury concierge would guide you with the recent trends in fashion and decor. 

  1. Photo booth with props – This you must have seen in clubs but it’s a good addition to have at the wedding. This will create lots of Instagram stories. With some fun props, it can bring out the best emotion in you. Even the bride and groom can have some fun in the photo booth. If prompted right it can bring the child into our grandparents.  
  2. Bespoke Perfume – You can your fragrance. You can get it customized as per you. The bride and groom can have separate customized perfumes. They can also create one love perfume which they both like. These can be gifted to the entire guest. Make some extra bottles to last a decade. This will surely keep happy memories for a long time. 

The above ideas should not be done without personalizing a wedding theme. We have listed these ideas and we have a professional on-board who can get these jobs done. Our creative team is ready to give you more bespoke ideas for your destination wedding. We do take care of all Travel (Hotels, Villas, Jets, Experiences) reservations. The customization on these too can be worked out.   

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