Thailand food trail

Thailand Food Trail

Bangkok, the capital of Thailand, can also be called the food capital of the country. It serves some of the world’s best and most authentic traditional dishes. It is undoubtedly the best place to relish the authentic flavours of Thailand street food. This food paradise offers an unforgettable experience for all those who are foodies at heart.

This is a gastronomic guide we are going to share with you all the details about how you can take a Thai food tour in Bangkok to eat all the major regional varieties of Thai cuisine in a day. So gear up for a culinary adventure. 

The four major Thai regional cuisines can be categorised as

  • Southern Thai food – The cuisine is characterized by lots of spices and chillies, soups, and curries.
  • Isaan (Northeastern) Thai food – The cuisine of Northeastern Thailand generally features dishes similar to those found in Laos, as Isan people historically have close ties with Lao culture and speak a language that is generally mutually intelligible with the Lao language. It is typically spicy and pungent.
  • Northern Thai food – This is the cuisine of the cooler valleys and forested mountains of the Thai highlands, once ruled by the former Lanna Kingdom and home of Lannaese, the majority of northern Thailand, this cuisine shares many ingredients with Isan.
  • Central Thai food- This is the cuisine of the flat and wet central rice-growing plains, the site of the former Thai kingdoms of Sukhothai and Ayutthaya, and the Dvaravati culture of the Mon people from before the arrival of Siamese in the area. Coconut milk is one of the major ingredients used in Central Thai cuisine.


Discussed below are the shortlisted dishes of the best Of Thailand Street Food

  1. Satay – Satay is a form of grilled meat which is primarily served hot with a variety of hot sauces, especially peanut sauce in Thailand. It is fit to be served either as a starter or as a part of the main course.
  2. Som Tum – Som Tum is a spicy and delicious salad made of shredded green papaya. It is one of the best preparations of Bangkok street food. It is believed to have originated from the time of ancient Lao citizens.  
  3. Khao Pad – “Khao” means rice, and “phat” refers to anything which is fried. Thus Thai street food guide is incomplete without mentioning Khao Pad at the top of its list. Considered to be a typical Thailand street food, it is a must for all travellers to relish this dish when in Thailand.
  4. Pad See Eiw – Pad See Eiw or Phat Si-io is one of the main dishes which is being tasted on all the Bangkok food tours.  Pad See Eiw is mainly a noodle dish which is stir-fried, best combined with meat and curry. It is quite popular in all the Thailand restaurants.
  5. Kluay Tod – Kluay Tod is a better, crispier, and tastier Thai version of banana fritters.  Kluay Tod is one of the famous Thailand street food dishes. Tagged at low Bangkok street food prices, Kluay Tod is a must-have dish when in the street food capital.
  6. Kai Jeow – Thailand street food has such fancy names that it has the capability of making even a modest omelette sound so yummy.  Kai Jeow is a Thai-style omelette cooked with just fish sauce, and herbs, which can be eaten anytime, and anywhere.
  7. Sai Ooah – Originating mainly from the northern region of Burma, Sai Ooah or Sai-Ua, is a grilled sausage dish which is mainly pork-based. Pork dominates most of the Thailand street food in Bangkok.
  8. Gai Tod – Gai Tod or Thai fried chicken is a surprise package. Blending perfectly with sticky rice, Gai Tod works wonders for those who want to end their day on a happy note.
  9. Guay Teow or Pad Thai – The famous pork noodle soup of Guay Teow or Pad Thai, is easy to make, convenient to serve, and impossible to be relished just once. No restaurant in Bangkok does not serve this famous Thailand street food.
  10. Poh Pia Tod – Poh Pia Tod or the Thai spring rolls are all-time favourite of the locals and travelers in Bangkok. They are easily available at any of the food stalls, Poh Pia Tod makes one of the most delicious treats in Bangkok.
  11. Khao Niew Ma Muang – Travelers worldwide would surely find the Thailand street food of Khao Niew Ma Muang quite fascinating,  though it may not surprise the locals. This dish which is made from mango and combined with sticky rice is a must-have in Bangkok.
  12. Khao Mun Gai – Khao Mun Gai is a chicken dish which is best served with steamed rice. The simplest of all the Thailand street food dishes, the chicken is poached and served with steamed rice.
  13. Moo Ping – Also known as Mu Ping, this grilled pork dish is best relished with the spicy nam jim jeaw sauce. One of the best Thailand street food dishes which tastes delicious when grilled with pepper and garlic, this simple dish can be prepared with any marinades that the traveller wishes.
  14. Sai Krok Isan – For sausage lovers, this dish comes as a favourite as it is easy to make, and easy to eat preparation. Made with rice and pork, Sai Krok Isan tastes like heaven when combined with ginger, chillies, and cabbage.
  15. Pad Krapow Moo Saap –In general, street food is not considered to be healthy, but the Thailand street food of Pad Krapow Moo Saap, which is a pork dish is naturally healthy. Cooked with basil, and topped with fried eggs, this pork dish is the easiest, and the most famous street food dish in Thailand.

Best Places To Eat Thailand Street Food

  1. Chinatown – Chinatown is to be one of the most popular tourist attractions in Bangkok. It is a haven of Thailand street food and is filled to the brim every day with food lovers from all over the world. Featuring elaborate food stalls and street-side restaurants on all sides, street food scenes in Chinatown are sights not to be missed.
  2. Khao San Street, Rattanakosin –  Located towards the northern side of Chinatown, Rattanakosin is much famed as the Old City wherein Khao San Street is an ultimate spot to savour the true flavours of Thailand street food. Ranging from Thai to Indian, Italian to Japanese, and Greek to fusion food, it is a strict negative to miss out on exploring Khao San Street when in Bangkok.
  3. Bang Rak-  As the sun goes down, Bang Rak, set in the heart of Bangkok, transforms into an epic open-air food haven in no time. Looking just like a hawkers market, eating the best of Thailand street food at Bang Rak is like attending a food fiesta every day!
  4. Saphan Lueng – From fish to duck, and from pork to noodles, Saphan Lueng is one of the best streets in Bangkok to relish authentic Thailand street food. Travellers not only get to relish authentic flavours but also get to treat their taste buds to original recipes that are being served to the guests from generation to generation.
  5. Sukhumvit – Sukhumvit is widely known for its nightlife. It is where not only the night comes alive but also the food lovers. Offering a variety of street food to be relished, Sukhumvit is not an ordinary food market. It is an entire area that features various food stalls, street-side restaurants, live entertainment options, go-go bars, and much more.
  6. Banglamphu – Banglamphu is an ancient Thailand street food place which is a must-visit place when in Bangkok. It is considered to be one of the oldest districts in the city. Owing to its proximity to the Chao Phraya River, Banglamphu is the perfect place for those who are looking forward to enjoying a laid-back evening in the city.

While travelling to Thailand as a tourist, it might not always be possible to research to learn about the extensive dishes available in the country. One needs to have a clear understanding of the history and culture of a country to get a feel of the taste buds of the people. Thus it is always easier if there is someone to guide you through. A Concierge Company in Thailand would come in as immensely helpful for such guided trips. All components of travel (Hotels, Villas, Jets, Experiences) can be taken care of by Best Luxury Concierge Thailand. Food walks to Best Restaurant Access, a food lover can extensively travel and enjoy local cuisine with the help and guidance of a Luxury Concierge. 

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