Little Arabia in Bangkok

Little Arabia in Bangkok Thailand

If you fancy sampling authentic Arabian coffee and cuisine, check out Little Arabia. Bangkok is a city with many faces and this is without doubt one of the most interesting and unusual. This vibrant district can be found close to Sukhumvit Soi 3 and many of the restaurants here are open around the clock, making Little Arabia a popular place to get a bite to eat late at night.

This small Soi runs in an L shape between Sukhumvit Soi 3 and Soi 4 and is packed with excellent eateries. Although the street itself is quite dirty (no surprise in Bangkok!), the restaurants themselves are spotlessly clean and well maintained.


Head to this street stand to sample fresh kebabs served with heaps of salad in pita bread. Both chicken and beef kebabs are available here and diners can take their pick from a range of sauces. Kebabs cost just 50 Baht and are very filling, which makes this a very affordable and healthy option that can be enjoyed at virtually any time of the day or night.


Little Arabia is the perfect place to sample Arabian cuisine. In addition to kebabs, the restaurants here serve a wide range of authentic Middle Eastern dishes for visitors to try. Some of the popular dishes here include vegetables stuffed with meat and rice and rich meat curries.

Arabian coffee

Arabian coffee is rich, thick and very, very strong. This is the perfect pick me up to enjoy at the start of the night before hitting Bangkok’s bars and clubs. This is also a great way to reenergise the morning after if you are feeling a bit partied out. People who are looking for unusual things to do in Thailand are sure to enjoy soaking up the atmosphere in one of Little Arabia’s coffee houses. There is always plenty of drama unfolding on the street around you, so simply sit back and enjoy the show.

Shisha pipes

Most of the restaurants in Little Arabia sell shisha pipes, which go well with a cup of coffee. This is a type of water pipe that uses flavoured tobacco. While the health risks may be debatable, smoking a shisha pipe certainly smells and tastes better than cigarettes and is also a social experience that can be enjoyed with friends.


Single ladies who explore Little Arabia alone may find it a little intimidating at first. Although you might attract a few stares, especially if you are scantily clad, but otherwise you will remain safe. No alcohol is served by the establishments here and it is best to avoid drinking openly. Drinking is forbidden in the Middle Eastern culture and visitors may not be served if they appear to be too drunk. The best way to get to Little Arabia is to take the BTS to Nana station. This small neighbourhood can also be found conveniently close to a number of popular tourist attractions in Thailand, which makes this a good place to include in the itinerary of Bangkok day tours. 

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