Staycation – The New Normal

Staycation the New Normal

Staycations mean a holiday spent in one’s home country instead of travelling abroad, or one spent in and around one’s hometown, taking day trips to local attractions, or exploring the area like a local.

The Hotel Industry has been witnessing a surge in demand for Staycations post-COVID-19 times as the answer to weary millennials and Work From Home employees who are in dire need of a vacation but with all the trappings of sanitation & hygiene. The COVID-19 pandemic has led the world to cancel vacations, reunions and business trips during the year. The embattled travel and hospitality industry has been hit with waves of cancellations. As countries cautiously reopened after several months of lockdowns, people were searching for safe ways to return to some pretence of normal life. Here the idea of staying at a comfortable and safe home-away-from-home with great views and without worrying about contracting the virus seemed the perfect one. That is precisely why hotels and resorts around the world started promoting staycations. This simultaneously attracted customer attention to the extensive steps that the hotels were taking to minimize the chances of infections. 

How did COVID-19 hit the Hotel and Hospitality industry in Thailand?

COVID-19 has affected every sector across the globe, and the hotel industry is among the hardest hit. Research suggests that recovery to pre-COVID-19 levels could take beyond 2023. International tourism is a major contributor to Thailand’s economy. It was hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic—but the country soon started finding ways to support its travel industry while preparing for the international travel to recover further.

Staycation emerged as an increasing trend because it is an easy way to take a break without travelling too far. It is a wonderful way of spending joyful vacations while aiding one’s pocket and the environment. In fact, staying close to the house eradicates the budget for accommodation (15% of the funds of average households on vacation) and transport. There are no burdened or work-load days, one can do what he feels like doing – enjoying with leisure-activities and without consistently falling into temptations such as binging on OTT. There is no hurry to go from one activity to another just to remain busy all the time.

The wider hotel and hospitality market has long been occupied by business travellers and conferences. Before COVID-19 struck, half of all Preferred Hotels guests were corporate travellers, while leisure guests made up between 20% and 30%, but in the post-pandemic  times, the situation has altered. As the rules of work and play are fading, professionals are discovering creative ways to spend leisure time with family and friends. Owing to the time crunch experienced by people, spontaneous staycations in their own cities with leisure breaks are becoming highly popular.

Why Staycation is Better Than a Regular Holiday?

For a trip to happen, people have to start making plans much in advance, almost a few months in advance. Bookings for hotel properties, flights, visas, and similar other reservations are needed to be done to get the best deal. But for a staycation to happen one just needs to get up and go. He can simply have a holiday in his hometown. Get checked in into a hotel and relax as he might do on a vacation abroad. This also is interesting as one need not have to do elaborate packing, they do not have to rush to the airport, bear the congestion of traffic, and get stuck in long queues. He can just pick a hotel and go with the flow no timelines whatsoever. Those who are living in a metro city can just drive to the hotel and maybe choose a resort just outside the city. It becomes very cost-effective since there are no airline tickets involved. 

Staycation is Cost-Effective and Fun – For a staycation, one does not need any airline ticket, no visa, or any other travel expenses. He can even take his car and save a lot of money which he would have otherwise spent travelling in taxis.

The best staycation is at the weekend. During this time, some hotels offer discounts on Spa. some offer breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Some hotels are also seen offering a discount on Sunday Brunches which is the reason for late checkouts. They offer some perks like getting the rooms get upgraded. Additional perks are often offered like one is going with the family the hotel let him use the pool. They also let them use the gym and almost all the activities at the hotel which becomes part of the hotel booking.

Staycation is not just a holiday. Staycations are also good for a little bit of me-time. One can laze around as much as he wants, watch TV all day long and do all activities which he might be missing. Staycations work as detox too. A person can read a book, go for a walk, or even explore the city. Living in the same place for years it is seen that we always tend to miss some places which are part of the city but where we just could not visit.

Staycations can be therapeutic too – just get out of the house and be stress-free from the daily mundane routine. It is recommended that all entrepreneurs should utilize the staycation for building up ideas. While working on a new venture, a staycation can give a person that peace of mind and he can make better plans.

Increases Productivity – As many companies have still continued with the work-from-home policy, work staycations are going to be the new norm. As professionals and freelancers have the freedom to work from anywhere, they are choosing to explore different places. This will not just help a person to know more about various cultures but with the work stress away the productivity increases.  

When one does not want to plan long holidays, a quick one to a nearby tourist attraction is manageable. A work staycation will definitely be a unique travel trend in 2023. People eyeing at luxury tours can connect with a VIP Luxury Concierge for different travel (Hotels, Villas, Jets, Experiences) requirements. If you are looking for a bespoke plan in your own city, a tailor-made Staycation is all that you would need. 

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