The Ultimate List of Hen Party Ideas

The ultimate list of hen parties

Weddings are a glorious representation of love. However, we all know the fun starts before the big day. When friends get asked to be a part of the big day, it can be a bonding moment. Before a wedding, would-be brides make exciting wedding plans with their girlfriends about many aspects – who would be the bridesmaids, going to bridal fittings, providing plenty of emotional support during the prep and of course, planning the all-important hen party. 

A hen party is often thrown to celebrate the last few days of being single for a woman who is about to get married. More popularly referred to as a bachelorette party, a hen party has continuously evolved in the last couple of years, with the best ones sometimes leveraging the use of technology. Hen parties are a chance to bring friends together to celebrate this momentous occasion; however, it can be pretty daunting if you have never organised a hen party before. Many questions whirl through one’s head to ensure that a hen party is tailored that suits the bride-to-be! We at Travel Motivations are here to help you out. 

To get you started, we have put together a great list of the best and most popular hen party ideas that are in vogue.

  1. Spa Weekend – A spa weekend is the perfect getaway for the bride who loves a bit of luxury.  There is almost no betters way to prep for the wedding than by getting some rest and recreation while sipping on Champagne at a fancy spa hotel. There are lots of hen-friendly spas all across the world that offer great pamper packages for hen parties. 
  2. Movie Night – For a group of girls who love the cinema, a private screening of a vintage movie, followed by a vintage-inspired after-party with a live band, retro DJ and classic cocktails is a perfect idea. Would-be brides and their friends can step back in time for a nostalgic night with screenings of classics such as Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Cabaret and Chinatown. For people looking for something a little more low-key, small auditoriums that can have accompanying food arrangements would be perfect.
  3. Afternoon Tea – Beautiful china, delicious cake, a glass of bubbly and bottomless tea – afternoon tea hen parties have become a popular choice as it is suitable for everyone, even the mums. One can choose from the full afternoon tea treatment at a beautiful hotel, a beautiful vintage experience at tea rooms hosted by different clubs and resorts, or sip tea in the comfort of one’s own home or hotel room with savories that one can choose from various renowned patisseries.
  4. Farm Weekend

Ladies can also look for a fun-filled weekend on the farm.  A real hen party with a difference, farm weekends are filled with fun activities such as cow-milking, feeding the animals, bog-jumping, bread-making, hen chases and farm treasure trails. Some farms also provide the opportunity to paint the bride’s life story on a barn wall. All great craic provides fantastic memories for the bride-to-be and her mates.

  1. Cookery Classes

Cookery classes are perfect for the foodie bride and her gang. While enjoying a glass of wine they can learn how to whip up a storm in the kitchen with the help of a professional chef before sitting down to enjoy the fruits of the labour. Many hotels and restaurants provide such classes. A Luxury Concierge can assist in finding out such Lifestyle Services and also give Best Restaurant Access in such cases. 

For savoury lovers, there are loads of bakeries and schools to choose from around the country, many restaurants offer them too. The Luxury concierge would be the best guide to lead you to them. 

  1. Treasure and Scavenger Hunts

A fun activity to get to know others at the hen party, scavenger hunts are perfect for pairing hens off in teams to work together. When the ladies gather, they are provided with a list of clues and a map of the hunt location. All they need to do is to grab the camera and off they go. This is also a great idea for a girls’ night out on the town.  In such cases, simply make a list of items to find during the night such as coasters from each bar, photos with strangers, shot glasses etc. Whoever has the most impressive collection (as decided by the bride) at the end of the night wins a prize. This fun activity with a little bit streak of adventure proves thrilling and is also good for strengthening bonds. 

  1. Murder Mystery Evening

For the imaginative gang of girls who love their bit of thrill and adventure, this game is the thing. An unsuspecting victim falls foul to a horrendous crime, and it is the bride-to-be and her hen party’s job to uncover the clues and weed out the killer. A great ice-breaker activity for a hen party as they work together to figure out the real criminal! With some added costumes into the mix, one can have a great fun-filled hen party.

  1. Arts and Crafts Weekends

For the DIY enthusiast bride-to-be, who would love to get hands-on experience with an arts and crafts filled hen party. From choosing a flower crown-making with some Flower School of repute to Pottery Painting at some Pottery studio to even nude life drawing at an Art school, a hen party can exciting in many ways.

  1. Action-Packed Activities

This is perfect for hens who are true adrenaline junkies and crave a fully-loaded and action-packed weekend of activities – from zip-lining and zorbing to whale watching and windsurfing, there is something for all the adventure-loving hens out there. Of course, one could go hiking or wild swimming and make her adventure.

  1. Glamping

Glamping offers the fun of camping in the great outdoors, but with a bit of home comforts – which makes it the perfect hen party idea for a broad group of gals. Sleeping in the open under the stars in a bell tent, teepee, shepherd hut or a yurt. Every part of the country has its little hidden gem, the hardest part is picking and choosing one. Not to worry – your concierge service would be there in tow to help you out. 

  1. Cocktail-Making Classes

Cocktail-making, or mixology as it’s also known is the perfect activity before the big night out on the town, the D-day. An easy activity that everyone will enjoy, it is fun, and lets the hens chat, and mingle over drinks as well as learn a few new shaking and stirring skills.

Lots of hotels and restaurants around countries offer cocktail-making classes There are many websites as well that lets one organise their very own cocktail-making hen party.

  1. Dance and Workout Classes

For girls who love to dance, a fun dance class might be just the ticket to start the night off with a bang. One can choose from a twerking class to salsa, or opt for something a little different, from a 90s HIIT class, a burlesque lesson, or a hula hoop class – a cool idea for an active hen without leaving the city. 

Girls can step out of their comfort zone, and organise an event the bride-to-be will never forget – Belly dancing classes are great fun and guaranteed to get everyone laughing.

  1. Mini Cruise

Girls can start their night out in style by stepping aboard for a mini cruise with cruisers which offer great hen party packages. They allow us to dine and dance while cruising.

Thailand Wedding Destination being a top trend across the world, many cruisers offer Cruise Ship Wedding Packages. The bride-to-be can choose the best offer and set sail with her girl gang. Luxury travel in Thailand with Yacht is also a great option as it gives the hen party an altogether different dimension. 

  1. Makeup Masterclass

What better way to get glammed up for a hen party – and learn some new skills – than with a makeup masterclass? Lots of stores, salons and makeup artists offer classes for groups or one could go a notch higher and opt for a glam photo shoot and get some snaps. Alternatively, one could go en masse to a blow dry bar or to get nails done. 

  1. Hen Party at Home

For people on a budget or stuck for time it is best to host a hen party at home. She can set up a mini spa with Champagne on ice in the living room, put on bath robes and slippers and gather around to paint nails and pop on some face masks. She could also host a themed potluck dinner night with lots of fun dishes to try or even host her afternoon tea party with the best china she has, some bubbly and tasty treats. The possibilities are endless!

  1. Wellness Weekend

If the would-be bride would appreciate a more restorative experience, then healthy activities like yoga or pilates and making nourishing food should be the focus of the weekend. A yoga retreat in an epic location can be booked, or one can opt for peaceful overnight spots that offer classes and a private chef.

We could not fit all our favourite hen party ideas into the list, but here are more to inspire your best party planning –

  • Head to a festival or gig
  • Go to the races
  • Try wine tasting
  • Book a karaoke booth
  • Pottery making
  • Book a house in the country
  • A private dining supper and then a night on the town
  • Book a hotel penthouse
  • A Victorian weekend, Downton Abbey style
  • A cabaret club night 
  1. Charity & Feel Good Ideas

One of our favourite hen party trends is planning an activity that is about giving back as well as giving the bride an unforgettable experience. There is no better feel-good feeling than getting together with the best gal pals and doing something genuinely worthwhile.

  • Host a fundraising event (e.g. garden party or dinner) for your hen party. Ask guests to bring/make donations instead of bringing gifts for the bride.
  • Do a fun run, charity walk or other fundraising challenges
  • Beach clean-up
  • Book a craft class (knitting, sewing etc) where you make items to donate to the homeless in winter (e.g. beanies, blankets, scarves)
  • Planting trees
  • Farm volunteering
  • If the bride’s granny is in a care home, host an afternoon tea there with the residents. 

The prime agenda of the hen party is to have fun. All the bride wants is to hang out with her crew and for everyone to have a good time. So one must choose an activity that she will enjoy, but that also will not exclude anyone.

How To Choose The Right Hen Party Ideas

It is essential to take the following steps first so one can make a confident decision about the most perfect hen party ideas for the group.

  • Speak with the bride first to get her ideas, her preferences and the list of things she doesn’t want.
  • Speak with the other bridal party members (if there are any) to make sure everyone is clear on their responsibilities. Are you planning this alone and able to make solo decisions? Or is it a planning-by-committee situation and every decision will need to go to a vote? Lay it all out early to avoid conflict later.
  • Decide on the style or theme of the hen do. Is it going to be a luxury thing, a massive overseas trip, a relaxed event at home, a private coastal getaway, a wild night out etc? This will help you whittle down the hen party ideas that suit the type of event you’re planning.
  • Draw up the first draft of the guest list after speaking with the bride and send out a quick poll on (a) the proposed date(s) for the event, and (b) an anonymous poll on how much people are willing to spend. Once you have a rough idea of the budget, you can be more realistic about the hen do ideas you choose.
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