Hottest travel trends of 2023

The world is coming back to normal life post the global COVID-19 pandemic. During the pandemic, people introspected, re-evaluated the priorities in their life including travel. Almost the whole of the world was inaccessible due to government restrictions in 2020 and 2021. 2022 has finally seen a true resurgence in travel as more countries around the world drop all COVID-related travel restrictions.

While the pandemic compelled people to stay closer to home over the last few years, it also prompted pent-up demand to see the world again. Thus travelling is finally back. The industry is making a rapid recovery after being forced to shut down due to government restrictions across nations. However, many aspects of the travel landscape have changed over the past few years, with new trends and ways of travel emerging.

  1. Revenge Travel – After two years of limited travel due to pandemic restrictions, millions are eager to make up for lost time. The travel industry is calling this new emerging trend ‘revenge travel.” This means that millions of people are taking the plunge as if it is a now or never opportunity. Thus they are aiming big as everyone deserves to go big. This is the typical travelers’ mindset right now. They just want to see the world because life is short, uncertain. So in Travel  “FOMO” or the Fear of Missing Out is unreally real.
  2. Off-The-Grid Travel – Many travelers are ready to disconnect from the constant distraction of their devices and get back to nature. Thus it is no surprise that off-the-grid experiences are one of the top trends for 2023.

A recent survey reveals that nearly 60% of travelers surveyed are looking for vacations that allow them to escape reality and totally unplug. A similar number responded that they are even interested in learning survival skills on their off-grid vacation, like building a fire or foraging for food.

Camping will continue to grow in popularity, along with guided eco-tours and luxury “glamping” experiences. Travel experts of Luxury Concierge provide excellent guidance in planning such travel.

  1. Cultural Experiences – Rising number of travelers are ready to experience new cultures and experiences on their 2023 travels. In place of an all-inclusive resort, such travelers want to be pushed out of their comfort zone on their next trip, with many saying they want to experience new cultures, food, and languages, and travel to underrated destinations around the world.  Thus it can be expected that next year would be a great time to explore off-the-beaten-path destinations around the world with burgeoning tourism industries.
  2. Nostalgic Travel & Heritage Travel – One of the top travel trends of 2023 would ne Nostalgic Travel as about 90%  of the travelers surveyed, said that they are interested in nostalgic getaways. We need to understand what nostalgic travel looks like? More than 60% of travelers seem to be interested in visiting theme parks like Disney World, whose rapidly growing demographic of adult fans love visiting the parks of their childhood memories or starting a new tradition as adults.


The importance of spending time with family rose even more after many were kept apart for so long due to the pandemic. Thus more than half of travelers are also interested in “family reunion” trips and multi-generational trips. Traveling with three or even four generations of family members is becoming more popular as people realize that such elderly people like Grandma and Grandpa will noy be around forever. Thus there is an increase in trips with multi-generational families all traveling together. This could be a large family reunion, or just inviting grandparents to join the family on a weekend road trip.


With the increased popularity of sites like, people are rediscovering family roots and tracing their lineage all the way back to their ancestors’ country of origin. This has led to an increase in heritage travel, where families are seen traveling all over the world to visit the hometown of their great-great-great grandparents.

  1. Wellness Retreats – Wellness travel is a niche within the industry that is experiencing explosive growth. Nearly half of travelers are interested in getaways that focus on mindfulness and meditation in 2023, while others are interested in retreats that focus on health or spirituality.

Looking after one’s mental health, activities can include practicing gratitude, positive affirmations, mindfulness and limiting social media. Managing stress, coping with difficult emotions and cultivating mindfulness are all ways to create emotional wellness. The COVID-19 pandemic has given everyone time to introspect and to think more clearly to count on things and matters which are important. To cater to this found need to be well, Wellness getaways are the solution. They are restorative for the mind, body, and spirit and thus are one of the biggest trends for 2023 and beyond. Rather than coming back from a vacation feeling worn out and exhausted from trying to do as much as possible, wellness getaways allow one to come home feeling refreshed.

  1. Bucket List Trips – It is being seen that travelers are prepared to splurge on their bucket list trips in 2023. Many people have realized that life is too short to put off those dream destinations for “someday when life is more stable” and are ready to take the plunge to make their dream travels a reality now.

Nearly half of the population of travelers who were made part of a survey admitted they are willing to spend more to maximize their vacation and make sure every experience is worth it.

Some budget-savvy ways have come up – Two-thirds of travelers said they would focus on travel hacking, deals, and timing to get the most out of their investment, while even more said that budget is an important consideration when planning travel.

  1. Luxury Travel – Among all the new travel trends that are coming up, luxury travel may be the biggest to emerge from the pandemic. Millions of people were diligent in saving their increased disposable income, or started new businesses and careers. They now have the financial means for a more bespoke, upscale, inclusive, or other luxury experience. This may include flying private, staying at an all-inclusive resort, going on an exotic safari, ski trip or cruise, or simply staying in more upscale hotels and eating at nicer restaurants.
  2. Sustainable Travel – People are becoming more environmentally conscious about the carbon footprint, same applies to travelers who are conscious about their contribution through their travels and the positive or negative impact their travels may have on the planet. Travelers are searching more for ‘Eco-friendly’ hotels and transportation options, as well as “environmental impact” or ‘sustainable travel’ trips where part of the experience includes local philanthropic events like growing a community garden, or cleaning up a beach  almost like a mini week-long “Peace Corps” of sorts.
  3. Immersive Food Experiences – The Hilton 2023 Trends Report revealed that nearly half of the travelers surveyed would be looking for more immersive and authentic cultural experiences in the coming year 2023. One of the best ways to discover a new culture is by tasting their traditional fare or experiencing their rituals. Many places offer guests a visit to an on-site tasting studio, which takes participants on a journey to really understand the region through the tastes and flavors. 

People are taking advantage of the flourishing, native culinary options and agricultural products of a destination – whether by sampling local fresh seafood or produce from a farm, restaurant, or culinary walking tour –  uncovering the deeply rooted historic ties and traditions of in-state produced items such as craft beer and native cranberries; or curating trips around local harvests in some  orchard farms – travelers can get the real taste of the country they visit. 

A trend is being seen with destinations creating food trails, which direct travelers to authentic dining experiences that reflect local and regional flavors and culture. More of sustainability-focused initiatives are becoming popular that build on the growth in aquaculture and highlights the collaboration between innovative growers and talented chefs.

Lifestyle Services provided by Global Concierge Company  of repute help in arranging more chef-led and assisted tours of farms, boats or facilities in which travelers will see the entire life cycle of their food. For example, a tour to go crabbing in the morning followed by a visit to the dairy farm to see the we source our butter, and then to the next farm to learn about the mushrooms to complete the dish would make an exciting experience to the travelers. By spending an entire day with the chef, guests learn more about the components of each meal and the talented people that went into producing it. It gives a much deeper understanding of a region.

  1. Leisure Travel – “leisure” is a combination of business and leisure travel where a typical employee is on a business trip during the weekdays, and then extends their trip for a mini-vacation, oftentimes with their spouse or family in tow. Corporate travel is still recovering, thus customers should take advantage of the ‘Saturday Night Stayover’ deal where many airlines and hotels offer discounts when a stay is extended through the weekend.



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