Top 7 Ways How a Personal Assistant Can Make Your Business Trip Efficient

For entrepreneurs, travelling frequently is crucial for maintaining strong relationships with clients and managing their business overseas. However, this involves substantial planning and coordination to ensure a successful trip, which requires adequate time being spent on research. But busy business owner, do not really have the time to plan such travels. Business trips can be stressful for everyone involved. For someone who heads a team or an organization, in short a boss, their schedule is always packed and might be filled with back-to-back meetings. Moreover they have a hard time trying to keep up with the office across time zones, and combating jet lag. It can be a serious headache for administrative assistants trying to coordinate travel while handling a roster of other responsibilities.

As businesses now prioritize growth, they need personal assistants, many a times virtual assistants for various tasks. For example, with remote travel assistants, it is simpler to concentrate on providing clients with high-quality service, while they take care of your travel needs.

Thankfully, there are solutions available to help simplify executive travel, reduce the burden of admin and remove many past pain points. A personal assistant using different booking tools can streamline everything from picking great accommodation and booking flights to automating the travel expenses. With time and responsibilities reduced, one can focus on the personal touches that would impress senior colleagues and bosses and take their business trip to the next level.

A personal assistant is an individual who works, sometimes even remotely on your travel arrangements. They manage everything associated with your travels – from the itinerary to your meeting spaces and restaurant reservations.

They will also take calls and answer messages, allowing you to focus your energy on that crucial business meeting or that networking event. A personal assistant makes the difference between a smooth and a rocky ride by always having your back.

A personal assistant for the business can save a lot of time, responsibility, nerves and add some local charm and authenticity, so that one not only has an efficient trip but also nice memories of the city. While traveling for business purposes,  it is extremely important to get everything done right on time. It is pretty difficult to stay organized and productive away from the office, especially when there are lots of tasks not related to the business –  find a hotel, arrange Travel (Hotels, Villas, Jets, Experiences), arrange travel tickets and other associated documentations like visas,etc., maintain time so as to maintain schedule etc. – the list seems endless. The solution to this is easy – a personal business concierge, dedicated to service. not only to meet international colleagues or partners but also to explore the city, have some fun and be around people. 

Organization is the cornerstone of an administrative assistant’s role. But when it comes to travel planning, things get a notch higher. Travel needs are often complex and arranging a trip can be especially tricky when one is handling the details for someone else. But business concierges have proven to be effective in managing such travels. 

Discussed below are 7 ways to show how a personal assistant can make a business trip more efficient and fun. 

  • Preparation for the trip – A personal assistant can start helping even before the actual trip starts. The personal assistant or business concierge who is a local insider can advise on a hotel’s location or help to choose an apartment according to the needs and budget, as well as a short- or a long-term co-working space. Moreover, if one needs to schedule meetings with the foreign partners, find business contacts of representatives of businesses complementary to his, or look for relevant events and conferences, a business concierge can do this too.
  • Meeting upon arrival and making you feel at home – In order not to waste any time at the airport to complete paperworks, finish formalities, trying to figure out the right exit or trying to call a taxi, hire a personal assistant – he would gladly meet upon arrival, organize a transfer to the accommodation that has been reserved, hand over the keys and a SIM card, if necessary. He would take care of other necessities as well. For example, we all know that nowadays a phone charger might be the thing that you need most after a long flight, so a personal assistant can provide you with it as well.

In the first meeting itself a business concierge would make you feel at home so that you can save your nerves and time.

  • Events and conferences – A business conference is the occasion when one definitely needs  one or even several personal business concierges. They can check-in for you, interpret and translate, schedule meetings within an event and even pitch your business and represent your company. They serve as Bespoke Event Organisation who seamlessly arrange the needful networking through events and conferences which prove profitable for a client business. 
  • Health is wealth – your overall well-being- One has to be extra cautions about his health and wellbeing while away from home –  eating well and feeling well cannot be overemphasized when one is on a business trip.

    For health enthusiasts, if one does not want to skip his exercise regime even when he is abroad, a personal assistant would find a suitable fitness class at the destination: close to the accommodation, with a certificated fitness trainer. This helps to stay in shape while one is away from his regular comfort zone.

    After a long day on a conference with several meetings one might just want to relax – a vetted local assistant can arrange a spa evening for the client , so he can be full of life and energy the day after.

For one’s overall wellbeing, eating well is an important part. Also trying authentic meals and simply enjoying the food is an essential part of a trip too. Having a personal local assistant is an amazing opportunity to have someone along who is ready to find suitable eating places according to the diet, preferences, and location of the stay. They can recommend the best places as per the price/quality ratio and even make reservations for the Best Restaurant Access.  

  • Arranging your entertainment – While going on a business trip, one should not forget about his personal interests. Some might be interested in the history of the city he is visiting or want to visit the most popular places of interest.  Some are more interested to find out authentic places where local people hang out and have fun. A personal assistant or business concierge can be the professional guide. They can help one get a taste of local life easily.

    Theatres and museums, game and cinema  tickets, Exclusive Events Tickets hidden gems and hints, the best nightclubs, restaurants and even outdoor experiences – personal assistants can arrange it all for a client to experience. 


  • Have a point person for itinerary changes in the eleventh hour – Business travel can spring the unexpected like all trips. Bad weather can ground a flight, someway schedule might change or a hotel suddenly becomes unavailable. Corporate travelers often face additional challenges that require last-minute changes to their schedule. Many a times there are situations back at the office that calls for them to get back early, or negotiations with clients mean they need to extend their business trip. Busy executives will not have time to make these changes themselves, and with time differences, one might not always be available to lend a hand.

    For all such travel booking solutions a personal assistant come in handy who can lend support even at the eleventh hour. A boss is unlikely to appreciate having to wait for an email response or spending hours sitting on hold. So personal concierges can do the needful on their behalf and help them save time and energy. 


  • Always keep track of preferences – Personal assistants always keep track of preferences. Preferences change with time and circumstance. One executive might prefer proximity to the client or local office for short trips but want to be near walkable restaurants and the city sites to enjoy their free time on longer trips. They might even prefer traveling with ground transportation like trains or car rentals over flights. Personal assistants are proved to keep in check such preferences that help their bosses find the best stay or travelling option while on a business trip. 

A few things that are kept in check by travel assistants are 

  • Frequent flyer programs in use
  • Transportations and seating preferences
  • In-flight meal preferences (especially any allergies)
  • Contact details of family members, friends, or spouse that they would like to have a copy of their itinerary

Apart from these a client can add a special request to each booking that the concierge service will take care of (like a late checkout or extra legroom). Some preferences might hold true for every trip. Others might be more specific to each travel. Maintaining this list of priorities eliminates repetitive conversations and saves everyone’s time in the long run.

A successful out-of-town event requires foresight and careful planning, from booking an airport limo to creating their itinerary. Although challenging, a personal assistant can take steps to reduce the boss’s stress and keep them happy while he makes their arrangements. It is, after all, the perfect chance to showcase one’s skills and capabilities while earning the boss’s trust and confidence.


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