Flower Festival of Chiang Mai

Flower Festival of Chiang Mai

Flower Festival in Thailand (in Chiang Mai) is a three-day event, held on the first Friday and weekend of February. It coincides with the blossoming of Chiang Mai’s temperate and tropical flowers. The floral displays are wonderful, but it is only a part of what makes the weekend so memorable. Parades, music concerts, cultural displays and street markets combine to make this one of Thailand’s most colourful and family-friendly festivals which can be enjoyed by people of all ages. Festivities include a parade of floral floats, ornamental garden flower contests, beauty pageants, music and dancing. 

The procession usually commences from Nawarat Bridge on the Ping River before making its way down towards Thapae Gate and around the moat to Buak Hat Park in the southwest corner of the old city.

It impresses with its scale and beauty. 

It passes, usually in Chiang Mai, which name is translated as “many flowers”. So even the name of the city. The venue is chosen for the same reason.

The timing of this festival – Flower Festival is held on the first Friday and weekend of February.  In Thailand the snowy and frosty, winter month, February marks the end of the cold weather and the start of a “hot” season. Climatic features of the country, and the beginning of spring, signal the beginning of the flowering of many plants, flowers, so there is something to honour. Thus this spectacular event is organised. For locals Flower Festival – is an expected and important event since most of them are engaged in the cultivation of different flowers. They are involved with the flowering of the plants and know the specifics of caring for them.

The festivalflo

The parade consists of around 25 flower floats, beautifully decorated with thousands of flowers, petals, and plants. These are alternated with a wide variety of marching bands, traditional dancers, and performers including schoolchildren. Many of the floats feature Buddhist and typical Chiang Mai themes. One would not be able to miss the most fantastically colourful elephant idols that would be seen. All the floats compete in their own yearly competition.

The three-day festival spreads out to every aspect of the city for the weekend— Plant vendors plant their stands on the roadsides around the moat for three days and the city’s large east entrance, Tha Pae Gate, is overrun with a stage, food stalls, flower showcases, beauty pageants and people.


The main focus for activities is the Buak Hat Park in the southwest corner of the old town district of Chiang Mai. Special events are also held at the Three Kings Monument whilst the square in front of Thapae Gate hosts music concerts, beauty pageants and a street market. All around the city of Chiang Mai, floral displays are in place including all of the gates marking the entrance to the walled old city. Along with the festivities, one can surely enjoy at the excellent Sunday Walking Street Market in Chiang Mai.

For tourists visiting Chiang Mai during this time of the year, it is a bright sightseeing tour. Almost all travel agencies, therefore, plan packages around this festival for tourists  intending to attend the event. A lot of people from different parts of the world arrive in Thailand, to enjoy all the beauty of the festival. As a huge rush is expected every year, one needs to plan well in advance. By getting in contact with a Thailand Luxury Concierge Services company, one can be well guided as to how to explore the beautiful country including such festivities. 

In the festival program, which runs from early morning until midnight, all three days many events are held – a flower parade, a contest to determine the most beautiful compositions, an exhibition and sale, a presentation of different cultures and plants, and a contest to determine the most beautiful girl and rich concert program.

The Flower Parade procession goes around the city, periodically stopping in its individual parts so that everyone could see and photograph the holiday. Among the floral arrangements, one can see different flower arrangements like the model of Buddha, animals, creatures from mythology, different geometric designs and much more.

To attend the event, book a hotel, air tickets and much more – please contact Best Luxury Concierge Thailand. We at Travel Motivations would arrange everything – from travel (Hotels, Villas, Jets, and Experiences) to Ticketing and Travel at the highest level, so you can fully enjoy all the splendour and beauty of the Flower Festival in Chiang Mai.

Why should you visit the Flower Festival of Chiang Mai?

 Chiang Mai – the ‘Rose of the North celebrates the Chiang Mai Flower Festival to display the beautiful flowers and plants that are bloomed in February. During this time, the city is awash with bright, vibrant colours of striking flowers. This three-day festival is extremely popular in Thailand tourism and is visited by tourists from all around the world. If you are planning to visit Thailand in February we give you 10 reasons as to why you need to visit The Chiang Mai Flower Festival:

  • The beautiful Suan Buak Haad Garden – This is an invigorating garden and is the main focus of the festival. All the chief festivities take place in this public garden. One can walk around this pleasant park that is surrounded by many artificial lakes and beautiful plants and saplings. He can also enjoy a mesmerizing view of orchids displayed just outside the garden.
  • A photographer’s paradise – One is bound to get beautiful pictures at the Chiang Mai Flower Festival as it is a paradise for photographers. With exotic, striking and rare species of flowers all around, the festival is bursting with lots of eye-catchy and good picture opportunities.
  • The Stunning Flower Festival Parade – The key highlight of the festival is the Stunning Flower Festival Parade. The parade commences early in the morning from the Nawarat Bridge to the train station. It comprises of more than 25 flower floats drawn heavily on the characters from religious mythology. One can get a very good view of the parade as it moves slowly and stops frequently. Also, there are modern-style marching bands from local schools and girls in traditional attire are interspersed among the floats.
  • Enjoy the Miss Chiang Mai Flower Festival Queen Competition – Most of the girls dressed in traditional attires atop the floats are participants in this competition. Along with the competition, one can enjoy some loud music and refreshments.
  • Enjoy the local dishes – For food lovers food is always on the agenda no matter where he goes. Then the best time to visit Thailand for him is during Chiang Mai Flower Festival. One can find many food vendors serving scrumptious, spicy local Thai dishes everywhere. One can also visit some coffee and pastry shops there.
  • A bliss for the nature-lovers – The Chiang Mai Flower Festival is an absolute bliss for all the nature-lovers as one can find the most exotic and rare species of flowers here.
  • The cool climate – February is the best time to visit Chiang Mai as the temperature during this time of the year is cold and soothing. Also, the evenings here are quite enjoyable as the air is very fresh and clear.
  • Greatest flower festival in the world – One can witness the world’s greatest flower festival and in a way get to truly explore the traditions of the Chiang Mai city.
  • Beautiful view of the city – If one wishes to explore the city of Chiang Mai, then this is the best time to do so as the streets and surroundings are all cleaned up and one can enjoy a lovely time wandering around the streets.
  • Indulge in some retail therapy – Apart from the food vendors, there are many local shops around where one can buy some souvenirs, clothes etc. to take back as a souvenir. 
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