Top Packing Tips For Eco-Friendly Travel

Top Packing Tips For Eco-Friendly Travel

Most of us are fortunate enough to travel to new places, locally or internationally and experience the beauty that this world has to offer. To show appreciation for it, we must aim to try our best to preserve the planet we live on for future generations to enjoy.

Travelling sustainably is not difficult; you only need to start thinking a bit differently and plan things more ahead. One of the best ways to become a more sustainable traveller is to pack responsibly. Here is an eco-friendly travel packing list that includes must-have items for the next time you plan to go on a vacation.

  1. Pack lightly – Almost every traveller ends up packing excess luggage for trips or tend to use up every kilo that they are entitled to, based on the baggage allowance. Instead, he should remember that when travelling by plane, every kilo counts – the heavier the suitcase, the heavier the plane, and the more carbon emissions it produces. Thus, when packing, one should not himself the ‘what if’ questions- What if it gets too cold? What if I need an extra pair of heels? Only pack what you will actually wear. A tip would be to lay out your clothes before packing to create outfits –  one can visualise what he would wear and avoid packing unnecessary items.
  2. Sustainable Clothing and Gear – One of the most sustainable steps says that you should buy only quality stuff that lasts long, and you should surely prefer quality over quantity.  One should think about every single purchase that he is going to make and ask himself whether the item he is longing to have will really be used, and used well.

Travel gear and accessories for green-thinking travelers are increasingly popular and accessible, so it might be the right time to start using them.

Some of the techniques on how to be sustainable are not that comfortable, but shopping for travel gear is actually quite fun as we like discovering new technologies and companies that have the same values as we have. 

Here is the eco-friendly packing list that includes all the must-have items a modern and sustainable traveller needs.

  1. Wardrobe Inspection- Before one starts buying new clothes and travel gear, one should look at what is in the wardrobe and consider whether there is any need to upgrade the equipment. People like to purchase new things before travelling abroad from time to time. In the process it is seen that over the years they gather quite many pieces of clothes, shoes, and equipment, that is still perfectly fine to use. For example, when one chooses a quality backpack or hiking shoes once, they last several years, and there will not be a need for replacing them. 
  2. Choosing clothes made from Recycled materials – As one of the pillars of sustainability is reducing plastic usage and also recycling, today one can buy clothes that are entirely made from recycled plastic. Only a well-informed person can make good choices. 

Before one starts shopping, he can read more about companies trying to do their best to reduce their impact on the environment and support them. It is all about business, so once the products made from recycled materials become popular, the company will have the motivation to continue in the production, and other, not so much that futuristic companies start to follow. 

        5. Water Bottle – A water bottle is a must-have item to pack for all local and foreign trips. It is much easier to use a water bottle in countries where the tap water is drinkable, like in the Czech Republic. People can refill the water bottles and drink directly. Thus we can let go of the habit of using our undestroyable water bottles, in countries where it is unnecessary to treat the water before drinking. When one is more serious about the environment, he might consider investing in new technologies and buy a water bottle that can filter the water.

        6.Water Bottles with Filter – When it comes to reducing plastic footprint, water bottles that allow users to filter the water comes as big game-changers. Not having to think about the water all the time on the road and being more eco-friendly is actually a brilliant idea worth investing in. 

There are several options one can choose from. These water bottles are a bit more expensive than all those single-use water bottles one uses when travelling, but it would be found that it will pay off eventually. 

One of the most popular items for sustainable travelers is StepiPen. It sterilizes the water with Ultraviolet light, and it destroys the bacteria almost instantly. It is undoubtedly a much more elegant solution than the water drops that were extensively used several years ago. While using SteriPen, one would actually need one’s own water bottle. The water bottles with integrated filters are equally good. These bottles purify the water in a matter of seconds and kill 99.99% of bacteria.

       7. Utensils – During travelling, people buy meals from vendors on the street many of who use plastic utensils. With the rise of concern over sustainability, many have started keeping two or three sets of these utensils to make sure that the consumption would be lower and that they can be used repeatedly. One needs to wash them first, and they will not last long.

Luckily, there are more elegant solutions – one can always buy reusable utensils before a trip. There are sets of forks, knives, and spoons made from different materials such as steel, wood, or bamboo available. 

When Luxury Concierge Travel companies help with trips, such arrangements are handled by them. The client just needs to share their concern and eye for sustainability and the rest would be handled by the Luxury Concierge companies. 

      8. Reusable Containers – One can consider packing reusable food containers. It is much better than containers a restaurant provides for the food one might want to pack to go, plus it keeps the food fresh during long journeys.

      9. Reusable Grocery Bags – There are still many countries where when one buys in the store five items, they would provide a plastic bag for each one. It usually happens in developing countries. Travelers should set an example and show locals that less is sometimes better by carrying Reusable Grocery Bags and Reusable Produce Bags.

       10. Reusable Straws – The use of Reusable straws is much in vogue these days. It is absolutely wise to replace as many plastic items we either use or people in the destination where we travel use on a daily basis, and straws are one of them. 

If one cannot drink his drink without a straw, ask the bartender whether metal straws are available – it is quite popular in many tourist destinations. 

But to be sure, it is best to buy one’s own straw. It is small, it fits in even the smallest bag. It is recommended to use these non-plastic straws even at home, for example, when one is throwing a party.

      11. Reef Safe sunscreen – All travelers who want to pack sustainably, but on the other hand, cannot imagine travelling in seaside destinations without snorkeling – this tip is especially for them. 

Regular sunscreen is not exactly friendly to our environment – thankfully, we came across products that do not cause any harm to reefs and underwater life.  Reef-friendly sunscreen is the perfect answer for people who are not indifferent to the consequences of their actions.

     12. Natural Insect Repellent – Mosquitos are very annoying, and mosquito bites are something no one wants to bring home from vacation. It is the most common thing to use insect repellent with DEET. But as it is a chemical repellent that can potentially cause environmental problems, thus conscious people might be interested in alternatives. Natural insect repellent protects the same as the classical ones as they are effective, but it smells much better, plus it is better for the skin and environment.

     13. Eco-Friendly soap and shampoo – While replacing the regular soap, shampoo, conditioner, and other toiletries that are in plastic bottles, small travel-sized bottles are, for sure, not a solution. 

That is not only about the plastic container, and it is also about the product itself. Most of the toiletries can be nowadays bought in their biodegradable version, which is much better for nature. Biodegradable soap and shampoo are essential things to have for eco-travel.

Biodegradable soap and biodegradable shampoo are great alternatives to regular products.

Also, it is suggested to consider packing a solid bar soap instead of fluid liquids as it is easy to carry. lasts longer thus decreasing the consumption.

     14. Bamboo Toothbrush – Greener alternatives of things in every walk of life are an exciting change. One of them is a bamboo toothbrush that slowly replaces the classical plastic one. 

They do the job, and are light, cheap, and biodegradable. This bamboo toothbrush can remind one to be a more eco-friendly traveller every day, and it will reassure that one is on the right path as he has decided to do at least something that matters.

In conclusion, practicing eco-friendly travel by packing responsibly is crucial for preserving the planet. By packing lightly, choosing sustainable clothing and gear, carrying reusable items like water bottles, utensils, and bags, and opting for eco-friendly toiletries, we can minimize our environmental impact while enjoying our travels. Making these small changes contributes to a greener future for travel and the world.

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